Sunday, March 14, 2010

Easter Swap and a Memory Book

Hi! Hope you're having a nice weekend. I'm participating in an Easter swap hosted by Cassandra Van Curen on her blog, My Artful Adventures. We're all making a faux cake, decorating them, packing them with goodies and sending them to our partners by March 31st. Yes, a FAUX cake! I hope mine turns out as cute as the one Cassandra posted. I'll post a picture of mine as soon as it's finished. I'm having the worse time finding what I want to put on the top. Michaels things are really big and not that cute and Hobby Lobby's were worse! Let me know if you see any really cute smallish easter decorations (particulary bunnies)...I'd be very grateful!

My friend, Souna, asked me to make two memory for herself and one for her friend, Falon, who is getting married soon. Souna and Falon are part of a girl's group that get together pretty often (in fact, I think once a week). The memory book is part of Falon's wedding shower gift.

Souna is on the right and Falon on the left.

Souna wrote the friend acrostic. It's so very sweet! The next picture shows a pretty flower I made with lace and a couple of buttons.

I'm meeting Souna for lunch tomorrow to deliver...hope she likes them!

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