Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hog Heaven Shaker Card + Cute Pig Card Printable + Video

I'm in hog heaven!  Seriously, just spent the weekend with my daughter.  Couldn't be better (well, maybe when Louisa gets here)!  

I'm tickled pink, too (of course).  This is a darling printable.   Download it below.

The back is even cute!  And it's as easy as Print,Cut,Fold.

Oh, my!  I love this stamp set!  Such sweet little pigs and sentiments. 

I've got a video showing how to put this card together.  Including extending the fence to fit the tag and how to ink the clouds and color the fence and pig.  Here it is: 

Download Tickled Pink HERE.  

Dropbox seems to work differently for different people.  When image appears, wait for a moment and a download button will appear in the top right corner.  If download button, does not appear, right click on image and save as.

Hope you are in Hog Heaven or at least Tickled Pink!  Have a fabulous week!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Another Purr-fect Kitty+Fuse Tool+Video & Free Printable

Hello!  Hello!  Oh, my - I hope you are a lot cooler where you are than here in OKC.  Yikes, it's been hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk or maybe on your car  hood!  It's also been a fun weekend:  I've been practicing with the Fuse Tool and creating with a darling stamp set from Neat & Tangled.  And creating a new printable.  And filming two videos.  

I must be stuck on kitties - I have once again got kitty projects!!  It's been too hot for my kitty, too.  He's just lazing around (as if he doesn't always do that anyway).  And he interrupted one of my videos.  BAD kitty!

Both projects make use of the WRMK Fuse Tool.  I think it could be quite addictive.

First up is a clear tag created with the printable below and a page protector.  I really love it!  It was so fun to make.  (The tag is clipped to a gusset bag - you can see how to make one HERE.)  Here is the video on making the clear tag with the Fuse Tool:

Next up is a window shaker card.

The window is cut all the way through the card.  Very cool!  The video shows how to make the card including the shaker pocket made from packaging using the Fuse Tool.  

And it shows how I put the kitty together (I wanted his paws to hold the milk bottle,not be behind the bottle).  Also, how I made the cute tiny straw!

Here is the video:

Download the Purr-fect Download HERE.  

Dropbox can work differently for different people.  After you see the image, wait a moment.  A download button will appear in the top right corner.  if the download button doesn't appear, try right clicking on the image and saving.  If neither works for you, don't hesitate to email me.  I will send you the files through email.

I hope even if it is hot where you are, you are having fun creating something that makes your heart happy!  I'm as happy as my kitty is when he's lapping up milk!

Have a wonderful week!

For  Clear Tag:

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