Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hip Hip WHOOray + Look What I Found!

Hip Hip Whooray!!  That's what I was yelling out, dancing around with my camera.  Okay, well maybe not the WHOO part, but definitely HOORAY!  Remember on the last post, I lamented my loss of quite a few files on my computer and especially the card I made for Suzanne with a photo of her aunt's garden?  Guess what I found on my camera???   THAT card!!  Can you believe it?  Somehow I didn't get it deleted off!  Hip Hip Hooray!

I'm so glad I found it!  This card was so fun to make - I put down a watercolor background, in pinks and yellow.

Then dressed it up with some of my favorite things:  ribbon, button, butterfly, doily...

washy tape and fancy borders...  I'm still doing a happy dance!

Now to the WHOOray part...

I put together an owl kit awhile back, sold out, and found another set of owl cards.  

This one is a little different - she's got those cut glasses and 

she's got a bit of flair!

If you're interested in an owl kit, I have a very small number in my etsy store.  The kits even come with all the inside packaging.  You just need adhesive and the goodies for inside the packaging!

Edited to add:  Owl kits are sold out.  Thank you!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Lonely Photo Card

That post title ought to say something about photo cards - plural.  However, my computer had some major issues and my folder labeled CARDS 2014 (along with CARDS 2013 and 2012) totally disappeared!  Do you remember that commercial awhile back where the guy threw his computer out a second story window?  I had my bedroom window open...

My daughter thinks I'm jinxed when it comes to electronics.  She's always saying "Only you, Mom!"  Well, I ended up getting a new computer and am trying to adjust.

You may remember my post about Suzanne and her photos.  I've created quite a few cards for her since then, but I only have photos of this one, because I did it this week. You'll just have to take my word for it:  I had a lovely one of Suzanne's aunt's garden that I really wanted to share.  

Luckily, I like this one, too!  The photo is so sweet with the donkey (burro? mule?) standing there with the wooden walk-a-long.  We have to take friends where we find them, right?  Maybe they need to get him a playmate!

I'm off trying to relearn Photoshop Elements (I upgraded to PSE12 from PSE8).  Yikes, who knew it would be so different?  

Have a lovely rest of your week!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Fox Card Continued

Hi, there!  It's  Memorial Day  - a time for remembering those who have died while serving in the Armed Forces.  I also want to take just a moment to thank those (and their families) who have served and are serving now - appreciate you so much!

I enjoyed all the comments about the word "girl" on the previous posts - it seems most of you are thinking along the same lines as me.  And by the way Toni, I do think that "lass" is quite lovely and I may have to insert it more often into my vocabulary!

I got a couple of emails asking if I had other ideas for the fox face cards that I created a treat pocket out of earlier.  (By the way, I do have one Fox Treat Pocket kit left.)  It's so cool that several of you were able to find the fox cards at Michaels.  Okay...  well, here's what I came up with:  1.  How about leaving the card alone and embellishing the envelope with a wrap and liner?   2.  How about combining the two (treat pocket and envelope) to make a gift card holder?

This is Easy as 1, 2 Buckle My Choux!

The paper I used is from Clip Art Garden from Checked Dotted and Striped.  I just cropped the paper and then copied it several times on the paper (65 lb).  

Cut them to desired size (this one is 1 3/4" wide by 5 3/4" long.  I placed the wrap where I wanted it to start and used the envelope for a guide to make a score to fold the wrap around to the back.  I cut a banner end on the wrap (see photo a couple above).  

I used Stampin' Up new stamp set Point & Click (also used it here).  It is photopolymer and is a result of a collaboration with Becky Higgins who is Project Life.  And of course that cute little fox face from Michaels.

To make the liner, I printed a full page of the patterned paper (65 1b) and cut it down to envelope width.  

Leave plenty of length to cut off.  If you are really good at cutting - skip the tracing and just cut around the envelope.

After you adhere the liner, score the bottom of the flap.  This will make it easier to fold down.

Now for the gift card holder.  I combined the embellished envelope and the treat pocket.  (It's sewn around the sides and bottom.)  I slipped in a gift card - I think you could also add a treat, just not the ones I used for the treat pocket earlier - they won't fit in the envelope!  Hope these ideas will work...

Have a lovely week!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hello Girl!

Do you ever think about the word girl?    Someone once told me that she didn't like it when a man called her and her friends "girls."   I wondered if I should be offended, too.  But the more I thought about it, I realized that I use "girl" when I think about myself.  I don't think girl detracts from the fact that I'm a self sufficient woman.  I see the girl part of me as youthful, laughing,  and hopeful.  And by the way, it is Girl's Night Out - Women's Night Out just doesn't have the same ring!  What do you think?

Well, this Hello Girl hits high on my cute  meter.  If you like her, you can find her at Free Pretty Things for You.  She's part of a set of cute Vintage Girl Circles.  

Do you.remember that wrapping paper that I loved so much that I turned it into dividers for my Filofax?    Well, guess what?  I found it in notecards, too!  It's a smaller scale, but still has that vibrant rich color and pretty pattern.  I grabbed them up and came right home to dress them up a bit!

In addition to that cute girl, I used some things from Stampin' Up:   Starburst Sayings and Dies Bundle, Simply Celebrate Stamps, Fun Flowers Bigz Die.

I used the new Stampin' Up Project Life  Point and Click Polymer Stamp Set, to create the envelope wrap.

Some tips on the envelope wrap: 

Best weight paper is about 65lb (80lb is really too heavy).

Glue it down well on the edges, especially if it's going through the mail.  (In fact, I would put on an extra stamp and write 
"Hand Stamp, Please!)

In case you want to get your girl on, I have a limited number of Hello Girl card kits in my Etsy store.

Updated:  Hello Girl Card Kits are sold out!

Hope your week has been awesome!  

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fox Treat Pocket

Okay, I know foxes are everywhere!  But do you have them in your back yard?  One of the owners of our company has a mama fox and babies in his backyard.  Isn't that the coolest?  The closest we've had is possums.  And I do mean close.  Babies... six baby our wall.  Yes, you read that right - in our wall!  I have to say baby possums are actually very cute!   It took about a week, but I caught all but one and we relocated them to a wooded area.  At least they've got a chance...  and we haven't heard the other one in over two weeks.  Hopefully, he left!

Anyway, back to foxes.  You all know that I love the bins at Michaels.  I often find goodies there.  You might remember this cute fox stamp plucked from the Michaels' bins. 

When I made my weekly trip to Michaels, I came across matching fox notecards!  Couldn't resist.  I turned the notecards into treat pockets!

So easy or maybe I should say sew easy!  I'm going to keep an eye out for more shaped cards to try this on.  

Once I got it sewed - all the way around - except for the top, I added a plaid bow and goodies!

Have you seen mint M&Ms?  I picked up a small package to fill the candy tube.  Dennis finished them off and I think he must have really liked them, because when he came back from the store today, he had a big bag!

They are so pretty - three different shades of green.  Perfect size and color for the candy tube!

Would you like to make a fox treat pocket?  I've got a very limited number of kits in my etsy store.  You get everything you need (except candy, thread and adhesive)   If you don't have a sewing machine, I can sew the pocket for you.  Check out the Fox Treat Pocket here.

So glad you stopped by!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Quick and Easy (but Cool) Graduation Cards

It's that time of year!  Do you need some quick and easy - but oh, so cool graduation cards?  I found some great instant downloads on etsy.

This cute one is for my little cousin who is graduating from Kindergarten.  The image is from Cocoa Mint  and is part of a clip art set (Little Grads)  I printed the pink owl card size and then added my own words.  Quick, easy and cute!  She'll love that it has her name on it!

My nephew is graduating from high school tomorrow night.   I made this card from one of the images from a set of Graduation Journal Cards from Plucky Lime Designs.  I love that this is great for a guy and just a little funny.   Here is another one of the journal cards:

I added Hayden's name and  glued it inside.  How about one more?

This one is for a cousin that is also graduating from high school this year.  Don't you love the gray and mustard yellow?  Again, I was so excited to find a great image for a guy.  This is from Pixel Vectors.

I printed all of these on 110 lb paper and they look and feel awesome.

If any of these catch your eye, you'll be happy that they are instant download.  You can buy, download, and print - maybe all in about 5 minutes!!

Happy Graduations!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Butterfly Love

I had such a wonderful weekend visiting my daughter in Wichita!  I so wish we lived in the same city.  I wish she lived next door, although she might like to live a little further away!  I promise Lauren - I wouldn't bother you...much... 

We had such lovely weather this weekend.  Is it time for butterflies yet?  I've always been fascinated when they come flitting by.  We never have very many around the house, maybe we need to plant different things to attract them.  I might not always be able to see butterflies outside, but I can always create with them.  I love vintage butterflies.  If you like this one, you can dowload it below.

How about quick and easy packaging?   This will only take you about 5 minutes, but I think someone would still be impressed with this vivid butterfly!  Here are some of the things I used:

I love the pretty kraft treat bag (just one of 4 designs from my store)  and the tiny punch (Petite Curly Label Punch).

I stamped it with one of the hearts from the Language of Love stamp set.  

No need to glue the doily - just wrap it with washi tape.  Be sure to make the washi a little longer than the fold over of the doily on the back - that way it will hold it down.  

Another tip:  Stick a piece of cardstock inside when you wrap and tie the twine.  That way the bag won't bunch and it's easier to make the twine tight.

I also created a card using the same butterfly.  You wouldn't think a green butterfly would be that versatile, but amazingly it goes with lots of things!   If you would like to download a copy of the butterfly, click HERE.

Have a wonderful week!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Spoiler Alert!!   Mom, this reveals part of your Mother's Day!   It's okay to look - it just won't be a surprise...

If you remember the Hello Doll post, you know that I made my mom a paper doll dress card for her birthday.  I'm continuing the theme here.  I soldered a dress charm and antiqued it a little.  I wanted it to look kind of worn and old.

And made a little box to store it in.

Isn't that little dress sweet?  It is an image from Land of Enchantment.

Here are a couple of Mother's Day cards I made this year:

The Amazing stamp and the die that matches it are from Stampin' Up.   The stamp set is Lovely Romance and the framelit dies are Chalktalk

This image is Basket of Blessings from Papertrey Ink.  I heat embossed it and then watercolored the image.  

Have a wonderful weekend and to all the Mom's:  Have a happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pretty Flair + Who Won?

Thank you to everyone who left a comment on the last post - it was so lovely to read all you had to say!  Part of the giveaway package from the Hello Doll post includes flair pins (is that redundant?) that I made using the Floral Gingham Circles from Free Pretty Things for You.  How about a couple of other ideas on how to use them?

How about the middle of a hodge podge flower?

Doesn't it make a pretty package topper?

And how about a little "sweet nothing"?  Sometimes I think we need  more "sweet nothings" in our lives.  

It has no purpose, except to be sweet and maybe remind the person you give it to of you.

Now to announce the winner of the

Mercedes, email me ( email in side bar) with your info and I'll get your goodies off to you ASAP!

Etsy Store Special:

I have new things in my Etsy store.  From now through Saturday, May 10th when you purchase two items I will send you a Surprise Gift Bundle.   You have to leave me a note when you purchase that you would like to get a Surprise Gift Bundle.   (If you are local, just like always, I am happy to take items out of the shop for you and you can just include in your email that you would like the Surprise Bundle.)  

I'm not telling what may be in the Surprise Bundle, but I will send lovely things for you to create with!  Each Bundle will be different.

Hope you are all having a lovely week!

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