Friday, February 22, 2019

Make a Cute Easter Basket Video

Easter baskets make me so happy!  I just have to make a little one every year.  Easter treat baskets are even more fun now that Louisa is here.  

I really like this basket.  It's a little different and rather sweet.

It's large enough for one easter egg.  And really easy:  just a box with a handle and strips added to the sides.  Check out the video here:

Do you like to make little Easter baskets?

Friday, February 8, 2019

Sliding Message Cards+Video+Kitty in a Sugar Bowl Printable

Blue bunnies, a cutie pie bear and a purr-fect valentine kitty - who could ask for more?  Well, how about sliding message cards?

So much fun...and cuteness...and a video...and a valentine printable.  Yay!

The cutie pie bear is a die from Sizzix - part of the Animal Portraits set.  It's not linked below, because I couldn't find it for sale anywhere.  In fact, I got mine off of ebay.

"I love you once, I love you twice, cause..."

"Loving you is super nice!"  

Such a sweet sentiment and I love how it could be revealed with the the sliding message design.

I had so much fun coloring these bunnies blue!  How to color the bunnies is a little bonus in the video.  

Sliding message cards are pretty easy to make and I have lots of tips to make them even easier.  Be sure to check out the video:

This sweet kitty is ready for you to download if you need a last minute valentine.  I turned it into a card for my grandma to give to Louisa and also as a tag for a valentine treat bag.

Download Kitten in a Sugar Bowl HERE.

Glad you stopped by!  

Friday, February 1, 2019

Fun Gatefold Frame Card + Video + Vintage Printable

Roar!  Louisa still likes to roar (you might remember this valentine card) and loves to play with grandma's Louisa's old steiff lion.  When I saw this lion stamp, I thought "that is one cool lion."  

It popped up in my amazon suggestions and, of course, I had to have it.  

Since he is one cool dude, I decided he needed a cool card of some kind. we have a gatefold card with a frame.  I've got a video below on how to make this card.

Well...a cool lion also deserves some cool coloring, right?  I added a pink into the mix and that worked for me!

I adore this sweet valentine girl with her kitty and puppy!  Made a quick card with one of my favorite dies.  If you would like to create a little something with her, she's ready to download below.

I have a new light and new camcorder.  The quality is better on my video.  Still learning how to use it all!  Here's the video on making the gatefold with a frame card:

Download Valentine Girl with Kitty and Puppy HERE.

So glad you stopped by today!  Hope you make a fun gatefold frame card soon...

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