Saturday, June 27, 2015

Meet Prudence + Free Printable

Isn't Prudence sweet?  For years now, she's kept space in my craft room, just looking cute sitting on the shelf.  

I moved her to the new shelves that Dennis put in last week.  There she is leaning on a vintage button card.  She still has a card of white rick rack inside.  I thought "She's adorable - I need to do something with her!"  So, I did!

I think she makes an adorable mending kit cover.  (Much better than the clear plastic box that the kit came in!)  Here's how I put the Mending Kit Box together:

You'll need a piece of cardstock for the container part of the mending kit.  I used 110 lb white cardstock.  Cut the cardstock to 6 1/4" x 7 1/4".  Score on all 4 sides at 1" and 2".  See photo above:  you will cut off the three outer squares on all sides.

The 4th squares that you've left will become the tabs.  Slit as shown by the blue lines above.

Fold on all scores.  Angle the tab tops so that they fit nicely inside the box - especially since there are extra flaps to fold down to make the box stronger.  Glue all 4 tabs.

Cutting off a tiny bit on each end of the flaps will help them fit better into the box.  Glue all flaps inside the box.  This will make the box extra strong.

The pull tab on the box is optional.  I think it makes it easier to open and besides that it is darn cute!  I used vintage measuring tape, but you could use ribbon or paper just as well.  Download Priscilla (see below) and print.  

Download Priscilla (see below) and print.   I printed her on 110 lb cardstock.  If you print the panel just as it is, then place the top of your cardstock on 5 1/2" and trim off the rest.   I then cut the panel to just a little wider than 3 1/4"  - about 3 5/16".   Cut off the remaining blank cardstock on the right and left sides.  Score as shown in photo.  Wrap it around the box - snug, but not so tight that you can't slide it off and glue.

Download Prudence (Small Box) HERE.

Place all the mending kit pieces inside.  You can get them very cheap at sewing, dollar and craft stores.  I added some extra buttons and created a felt tag for the needles.  Isn't it sweet?

As you can see from the first pictures, I made a couple of other items with Prudence.  I'll post those in a couple of days, since this post has already run on a bit!  

So glad you stopped by!

ETA:  See the instructions and get the downloads for the tag, packet and To Do List HERE.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fun Organization Labels

Dennis put up some new shelves for me - yay!    So sad, here it is Father's Day weekend and he had to put up shelving and even worse, he had to take me to see Jurassic World yesterday! (By the way, I thought it was okay, but not great.  Not as good as the first one.)

Anyway, I desperately need to reorganize my craft room.  It is just pathetic and looks like a hoarder room!  i've always heard that creative people are messy, but good grief!  Seriously, my craft room is at the next level.  

I picked up some storage boxes at Michaels and began filling them with craft goodies.  I wanted something fun for labeling - not just writing on a piece of paper and poking it into that metal frame.  So...I came up with wrap around flags.  Yeah, takes a little more time than the old poke a piece of paper in the frame - but a lot more fun!  (These are based on some kraft long tail flags I picked up at Michaels a long time ago.)

Here's what I did:

First, I cut a strip 1 1/4 x 7 1/2" long. The point is 3/4" long.   I used the marks to make the top point.

I cut the bottom into a flag tail.

I die cut a 1"diameter starburst for decoration.  After hole punching both layers.  I glittered the starburst and set if aside to dry.

The hard part about the tape is getting a nice miter above the point.  Hard to see on the picture, but I drew a short line (about the width of the tape) from the top point of the flag and cut the tape to match that line.  I got better at at after making a couple!

Make sure to glue the starburst decoration on the opposite side of the flag end glitter.  Now is when to write or stamp the bpx contents on the label.  To make the label easier to attach, curve it with a bone folder.  At this point, hold front of label in place (like it looks on the box) and punch a hole in the back to match.

Slip the end of the label through the frame (may have to use something thin like small scissors to help lift it away from the box to bypass the bottom of the frame).  Use a brad to secure the ends together.  

So fun and the labels look great!  One shelf down, 15 or 20 to go!!

Have a lovely week!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Father's Day Cards Printable

I'm down to the wire again!  Father's Day is THIS weekend and I'm just now getting this together.  I've actually had it ready to go for awhile and totally forgot to post it this weekend!  If you've already got your Father's Day cards ready, maybe you can do these next year.  See?  I've got you covered a year in advance - ha!

(Daddy, I really didn't forget Father's Day.  At least I didn't forget YOU!  Love you, Daddy! You are the Best. Dad. Ever.)

These are super easy - just print, cut, fold.  You can print the cards on any cardstock you wish.  I really like the look of the brown on kraft.  Cut right down the middle at 41/4".  

Score and fold at 5 1/2".  Cut out a Father's Day Sentiment and glue inside.  You can stop there or cut a couple of hearts to go on the fronts.

Download the Father's Day Cards HERE.
Download the Father's Day sentiment HERE.

Classic and oh, so easy!

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Art Deco Packaging + Free Image

Even though it's not officially summer, it certainly feels like it!   It's very warm and the day is super long.  The sun is up early and it's still light after 9:00 p.m.   The way this project came together makes me think of summer.  She's bright and cheerful and looks really good with yellows and oranges.   And not bad with a little pink and black!  Wow, that sounds like a strange color combination - but I kind of like it!  And why not toss in a little gold while I'm at it?

This gorgeous art deco bridge tally is available for download right HERE.

Hope you had a great Monday and here's to a great week!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Diagonal Stripes + Tags Download

This card and embellished envelope are made from the same paper!  I created a sheet of diagonal stripes in Printshop and printed it off to make the black and white envelope.  Then I printed another, photocopied it (has to be toner!) and foiled it with my Minc.  Pretty cool!

I love black and white!  A long time ago (maybe even before Lauren was born and she's 29), Dennis and I went to an open house.  The living room walls were painted a shiny black and all the trim was white.  It was GORGEOUS!  Every time I think about it, I think we need to do that!  It was so dramatic.  The black and white diagonal makes a dramatic backdrop for whatever you want to put on it.  It is sized to print on 8 1/2 x 11 paper.  I printed mine on 80lb cardstock.

You can download the black and white diagonal stripe HERE.

You can download the tag sentiments HERE.

To turn the sentiments into tags:  Cut them to desired size.   You don't have to use a die to decorate the top, but I like how it looks.  To only use part of a die, be sure to not roll the bottom part of the die through your machine.  It doesn't cut, but it makes an indention.  Ask me how I know.  When I made this tag, not only did I do it once - I promptly went in there and rolled a second one all the way through!  You're looking at #3 in the pictures...

Here are instructions for the string tie envelope:

Cut the diagonal stripes to 8" x 8 1/2".  On the 8" side score as indicated.

Score as indicated on the 8 1/2" side.

Cut off the corners on the score marks.  Optional:  Round corners of top tab.

Fold in the side panels and glue.  Fold up the bottom tab and glue.

Get the buttons ready.  Thread buttons through holes and tie in a knot at the back,  If you would like an alternative to buttons, see THIS POST.  (You'll also see a different shaped envelope than this one.)

Add extra adhesive to the pop dot.  Don't count on just the sticky on the pop dot - it needs to be sturdier.  You could add Aleene's or hot glue.

And now on to the foiled diagonal stripes!

I have a tip for the Minc if you're going to foil the diagonal stripes.  I tend to get best results when I run it through the Minc twice.  The gold butterfly is actually cut from a piece of gold foiled crescent board that we carry in the store.  It's just wonderful!   

Just sold out of all the July 4th kits - thank you, kit club members!  Watch for a new mega kit coming soon:  It's All About the Gold - filled with gold goodies for your creations!  If you would like to join the Choux Box Kits Club, click on the link at the top of my blog and fill out the form.  You'll get an email newsletter when new kits are available.

So glad you stopped by!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Very Cool Vintage Butterfly Embroidery Background Free Image

You know I love vintage!  My husband and I have spent many hours wandering in antique stores.  My daughter has a passion for vintage cookbooks and magazines - she comes by it honestly.  We are also packrats  - not quite hoarders, but afraid we might get there!  

My mom and dad just built a new house and they are certainly NOT packrats!   Mom gave me boxes of stuff before they moved.  She knew I wouldn't be able to get rid of any of it!   Their house is perfectly neat, not so mine.  I tease Mom that she failed to make me a neat freak!

 I found this very cool vintage butterfly embroidery page at Vintage Crafts and More.  Debra loves to share her vintage patterns - go check out her blog and enjoy her goodies!  THIS POST has more of the instructions and patterns for an embroidered butterfly quilt.  

You can download the vintage butterfly embroidery page  HERE.

I love the butterfly embroidery page - I'm pretty sure I'll be creating something with it again.

Hope you've had a wonderful week and here's wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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