Monday, September 9, 2019

Easy Watercoloring with Zig Clean Color Brush Pens

I've walked past my Zig Clean Color brush pens a lot since the last time I used them.  Every time Ii'd think "I've got to get those out again."   Well, I finally did. 

This pretty hummingbird seems like a good reason to get them out!

I still hesitated.  I'm such a novice with these pens.  

But, I still did a video!  You can watch it below.

Want to see what else I did last weekend?

(Out of the blue.)  "Grandma, I want a lion's head."  Okay...  like the stuffed lion in your bedroom?  

"No." you want to draw a lion?

"No.  I want to wear it."  Okay...a lion mask?

"Yes, Grandma!"

Lots of concentration here!  She wore her lion mask almost all day.  It was a big hit!

Here's the Easy Watercoloring video:

So glad you stopped by!  

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