Sunday, April 30, 2017

What Should a Mom Do?

If you're a mom, you've probably asked yourself more than once what is the best thing to do or say.  Lauren and I have had a LOT of this type of conversation since Louisa was born.

I told her that sometimes you just don't know and you just have to do your best.  Sometimes you'll be right and sometimes you'll be wrong.  

Don't you think as long as you keep what's best for the child in mind, that everything will turn out okay?

Lauren and I have talked a lot about decisions coming from love.  That children need a framework of discipline until they can self-discipline.  A mom has to be strong, because sometimes it would just be easier let a child do whatever she wants to do.

Well, that was a little serious.  Let's pivot to cuteness and happiness.  A lot of being a mom is joy.  Lauren was so cute when she said, "If I'd known she would be so sweet, I would have done this a lot sooner!"  

Talk about cute and sweet!  This is Louisa from my last visit.  I arrived very late on a Wednesday, so she was already asleep.  This is what greeted me early Thursday morning.  Can't be beat, right?   It is great being a mom, but being Grandma is amazing!

Rosebud is cute and sweet,too!  I love her cute cap and yellow striped dress and blue bows.  I've used her before (you can see that project HERE).  It has some similarities to this card, so I guess I cased myself!

I've got her ready download along with mom and friend sentiments.  She makes a sweet friend card, too!

You can download Rosebud HERE.

So glad you stopped by!   Have a wonderful week....

Monday, April 24, 2017

You Are Berry Sweet!

If you love bright pink, then this might be the card for you.  It is certainly pink!
Now I love pink, so this works for me and I love that sweet Strawberry Girl and the pink plaid.  Isn't she fun and a little unusual?  

(And the pink plaid makes a really cute strawberry, too!)

I took a cue from her jumper and added some white embossed swirlies and chicken scratch to the pinks - breaking it up a little bit and adding some fun detail.

Of course, Strawberry Girl is a download and I hope you have as much fun with her as I have.  I turned her into a birthday card for my mom.  

The sentiment is a part of Strawberry Girl's download.
I like her really big so that the detail on her jumper and the strawberries on her hat show up.  She ended up being a little larger than my largest oval die.  So when I die cut the oval, I cut off the very top of her bow and the strawberry leaves.  I cut out those leftover pieces and taped them back in place at the top of the oval.  That's kind of fun!

Download Strawberry Girl HERE.

Maybe you know someone who would love a Strawberry Girl card or a tag attached to a goodie bag?  

So glad you stopped by.  And have a wonderful week! 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Make a Memory (Folder)

Hi, there!  Just got back from Denver visiting my daughter and granddaughter.  It was so hard to leave! We had a great time, it was Lauren's birthday and Easter.

I've created a memory folder around our 4 generations Easter basket.  But, what's great, is that this folder could be about any memory.  It could hold favorite photos or be about one day or stretched across the generations like mine.

For the cover, I die cut an egg out of watercolor paper and sponged distress inks on the smooth side.  The cute bunny and chicks are colored with copics.

Let's unwrap it.

When the folder is untied, there's a flap for decoration or a photo.   I think this bunny face is an adorable decoration!

After the flap is opened, there is my honey bunny, Louisa!  You can see the 4 generations Easter basket there to the side.

Just a little tug and there is my sweet girl, Lauren, and a photo of me from a long time ago.  
In each picture, you can see the Easter basket.  A little hard to see in mine, it's on the step behind me.  In Lauren's photo, it's front and center, holding that adorable real bunny.  

The back of the flap also has a space for decoration or a photo.  I've actually added a glassine bag which holds a tag about the basket.

I got a Typecast from WeRMemory Keepers. It's like an old manual typewriter.  I used it to create the tag and the labels for each photo.  I used a 28 lb copy paper so it would be a little nicer than just standard copy paper.  

You can see on the tag that the Easter Basket originally belonged to my uncle Eddie.  I wish we had a picture of it with him!

The memory folder is easy to make.  Here's how:

1.  Cut 2 pieces of heavy cardstock.  One at 4" x 11" and one at 4" x 6 1/4".
2.  Score the two pieces as shown above.
3.  Glue the 6 1/4" piece to the 11" piece overlapping by 3/4".
4.  At this point, I die cut the scallops on the front and on the inside flap.  Not necessary
     to do anything to the front, but the inside flap does need to be trimmed or die cut at
     least a small amount so that it is a little shorter and fits inside nicely.  I also placed
     the front piece inside an embossing folder for a little extra dimension.

5.  The pictures are on a Z fold.  It measures  5 1/4" x 11".  Score as shown above. (Hint:
      the last piece will be a little smaller than the others.)  If you want to add more pictures,
      just adhere another piece of cardstock and keep scoring every 3 5/8" and don't forget 
     to give yourself a tab.

My memory folder will be out every Easter from now on. Also, Lauren and I are both three in our pictures, so the plan is to clip into the folder 2 and 3 year old pictures of Louisa with the basket.  I just love looking at the sweet memories in this folder!

And yes, Mom, I've already started one for you!   

Maybe, you've got some sweet memories you'd like to hold in a memory folder.  So glad you stopped by!

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