Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fox Box Valentine

Foxes are everywhere!  Here I am joining in the fox rage again with a cute Valentine idea.  How about a fox box?

This cutie is from What Does the Fox Say found at Lettering Delights.   This set is adorable and I just noticed it is on sale!

Well, what does the fox say?   I used one of the journaling cards and heart images for the fox to say that you are sweet and awesome, too!

The stamping on the journaling card is a cool retro rotary stamp called Make Note This and That from Stampin' Up.

The box is from Silhouette and I sized it to fit a box of Conversation Hearts.

Don't forget - it is Sale-a-bration time at Stampin' Up.  For every $50 purchase of Stampin' Up merchandise, you get to choose free items!  

And I only have two Candy Arrow kits left to give out.  Be the next two to spend $50 at my Stampin' Up store and I'll send you a Candy Arrow kit.  (See previous post.)

One more announcement:  I have added and will be adding more cool items to my Etsy store.  I've got to find some time to take pictures!  Check out the stamps and punches from Woodware of England.  I have only one mini envelope punch left!  

It's heading toward the weekend - hope you have a nice one!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Cupid's Candy Arrows

Oh, I just love these arrows!  They are sweet and very cool, because they have Chiclets packed inside!  I had my Spring Show on Sunday and the arrows were a big hit.  I'm going to be making quite a few over the next couple of days.  Just in case you would like to create some Cupid Candy Arrows of your own, here's how:

What you need:

This is a jumbo straw - meaning that it is extra large around - but I think a regular paper straw would work just fine.  I picked these up at Michaels.  

The smaller felt hearts that make the point of the arrow need a little support - 80 lb or 110 lb paper is best.  Glue the felt hearts to the cardstock hearts. 

The small white strip of paper will make the stopper on the top.  Roll it tight and put it into the straw top, letting it unwind to fit.  Take it out and wrap tape around it.

The larger heart will make the arrow's feathers. Fold the heart in half and cut both sides at once - that's a little trick I learned by trial and error. The sides aren't perfectly even, of course, but they look better than when I tried to do each side alone.

Since this is a Cupid's CANDY arrow and not just Cupid's arrow, the arrow has to be closed at both ends.  

The bottom end is hot glued - just the edge - about 1/4".  See how it's kind of smashed on the end?  

Hot glue one of the heart sets to the front of the straw and one on the back - line up the back heart with the front - it will look better that way!  

Glue the "feathers" onto the back of the straw a little bit down from the top.

Fill with small candy.  I thought Red Hots would be great - but the only Red Hots I could find are much larger than I remember them being.  So, I went with Chiclets.  They work great!   Pop in the stopper and decorate.

These cute flags are from the Stampin' Up set Language of Love.  It also has some wonderful heart images.  Starting January 28th, Stampin' Up has a great deal:   For every purchase of $50 in Stampin' Up merchandise, you get to select a free item from a pretty awesome selection.  (When you place your order, it will prompt you to add the free items.) Two of my favorites are the banner punch and Banner Blast stamps.  

My special treat is this:  The first 5 people who place a $50 order or more at my Stampin' Up site (beginning tomorrow January 28th - because I want you to get a free gift), will get a Cupid's Arrow Candy kit!   You get everything you need to make an arrow - I'll even include the chiclets! 

So glad you stopped by! 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Simply Sent

I picked up this sweet Simply Sent kit at Stampin' Up a while back.  It's just darling as a stationery set.  It comes with ready to fold- - already scored envelopes, notecards, twine, and flower dots. 

I wanted to do a little something else with it - it seems I just can't leave well enough alone! 

So the envelope became a treat pocket.  That was easy to do - it just took one staple!  I had to be sure to catch the bottom flap.

I decorated the top flap with the cute flower circle that comes with the kit - along with some felt, seam binding and a tag.  

I added some other goodies from Stampin' Up.  I made a tag with Starburst Sayings and the Starburst framelit dies that match.   Both the stamps and dies are also available in a bundle.

I wrapped one of the note cards around the candy bar to decorate it a little.  And then decorated the other for a place to write my note.  isn't it sweet?  It will be perfect for a dear friend!

The best news is that this awesome set - Simply Sent - is on sale for only $3.19!  I couldn't believe that great price when I went to make the link.  If you want a Simply Sent set, you might better hurry, I think it is only available until it runs out.  (ETA:  The following offer begins Jan. 28th!)

Another great deal is that for every purchase of $50 in Stampin' Up merchandise, you get to select a free item from a pretty awesome selection.  (When you place your order, it will prompt you to add the free items.) Two of my favorites are the banner punch and Banner Blast stamps.  I'll be sharing some creations with those later.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Black and Gold with Nicecrane Designs

Gold and black is so elegant!  At first I wasn't sure gold and black were quite right for these darling images from Nicecrane Designs, but after creating this set I think they go together fine!

This new set is called Your Magical Name because you can use whatever font you want and whatever words you would like in the banners.  That makes these very versatile (and they would be fun to color, as well.)  

I've used some Stampin' Up supplies on these as well.  The flowers are  made with an awesome set of gold accented vellum.  It is a lovely weight and oh, so pretty!  Other Stampin' Up goodies include:  Label Love Stamp Set, Artisan Label Punch,  (Label Love comes as a set with the punch as well) Postcard Stamp Set, Gorgeous Grunge Stamp Set, and Gold Twine.

I ran some gold paper through my Xyron to make it sticky on the back and cut a small scallop shape for the envelope seals.  The envelopes are a file from Silhouette and the  scallop box above is from Lori Whitlock (I elongated it a bit.)

Here's a look at the complete set of darling girls (Your Magical Name) from Nicecrane Designs:

So glad you came by.  Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I Like You

and you and you and you!  So glad you stopped by.  When I visit my daughter in Wichita, we almost always make our way to World Market.  It's so much fun going through all the goodies (paper goods, purses, dishes, furniture, food...) and, of course, the best part is going through it all with Lauren.

I picked up these bike tags when we were there a while back.  They've been sitting here calling my name.  I finally had a little time to make a card.  It's always nice to create with something that I get when I'm with Lauren.  While this card was being made, I was thinking about her.

Picked up these cute butterfly gems at Michaels.  I tell you sometimes they have some awesome stuff in their $1 bins!

Well, it's busy, busy here.  I'm getting things together for my annual spring show.  I know I said it recently, but oh, to have more time!

Have a great rest of your week!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Heart Ornament Choux Box

I really like these new hot pink hearts.  However, I LOVE my vintage glass Christmas ornaments - they are a little beat up, maybe not quite shiny anymore, and look loved.  So, I've had these hearts for awhile and kept complaining to Dennis that they look too new.  Finally, after he figured out that he was not going to hear the end of it any time soon, he suggested taking off some of the color and exposing the underneath layer.  Oh, that sounds smart!  But HOW?   Dennis first came up with paint thinner, but it is a little aggressive.  Here's what worked:  fingernail polish remover!  

Fingernail polish, a paper towel, a little brown paint and a stiff brush.  That works for me!  The paint is to take the shine off the silver hanger on the heart.  Use very little paint and wipe most of it off and then brush it on the hanger.

Take off as little or as lot of the color as you like.  TIP:  Press the paper towel (with nail polish remover on it) to the ornament where you want to remove a little color.  Then give it a little rub - lightly.  Repeat.  If you compare the very top picture to the picture below, you can see that the above heart has more silver showing.  

Decorate with a little ribbon, tags, and a vintage key.  One great idea is to use the ornament as packaging -  they get a gift and an ornament, too!  To make it easy to remove from the box, I passed the twine through the ornament hanger and tied the twine at the back of the box.

I've put together a very limited number of Heart Ornament Choux Box kits.  

The Heart Ornament Choux Box is available in my etsy store.  In the comment section, mention that you saw this Choux Box on my blog and I'll include the box and twine in the above picture.

Have a wonderful week!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Celebrate the Everyday

Celebrate the Everyday is available today!  I've put together a little note card using some of the goodies I got from the new Stampin' Up Celebrate the Everyday catalog.

Isn't she adorable?  You can find her and a whole bunch of other cuties at The Vintage Remix.  My plan is to make a set of all occasion cards - when I get them made, I'll share again.    I need MORE TIME!!

Stampin' Up supplies from Celebrate the Everyday available January 3rd:

So Very Grateful Stamps #133053
Baker's Twine Gold #132975
Gold Foil Sheet #132622

The flowers in the corner are part of the So Very Grateful stamp set.  I think this will be gorgeous using a watercolor technique.  Again:  I need MORE TIME!

INCENTIVE:  Be one of the first four to place a Stampin' Up order with me beginning January 3rd for $50 or more.  Make sure you are on my page when you order. Click on the link above or on the catalog icon in the right side bar.  I will email you using the email you give Stampin' Up.  You will then get to pick an item or items of your choice from the Celebrate the Everydaycatalog that equal $10.00 or less.  Don't add your free items to your order - wait for my email.

You might want to check out the valentine items while you're shopping - you can see the one eyed monsters in the post below.  And there are still items in the Clearance  Blitz.

So glad you came by!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

One Eyed Monsters

These might not be the One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater - but I think they might be cousins!  These one eyed monsters are adorable, easy and perfect for Valentines Day!

Aren't they fun?  Look at the cute little hiney!  I think these are great for kids and adults!  How about making your co-workers day?  Or giving a friend a laugh?  Kids will love these!  And I guarantee if I was still teaching, I would be making about 28 of these for my kids.  

You can get Boy Monster Hugs and Girl Monster Hugs at Stampin' Up.  They are really cool just the way they are - but I started thinking....  And came up with a little flag to add to the fun.

Here's what you do:

Download the sentiment sheet below.  Print onto kraft (or color of your choice.  I went with kraft to match their hands and feet.)   Then cut into flags.  They can be cut to work on the left or right of the monsters. Score to make it easier to wrap around a toothpick.  

Tip:  Cut off the tip of the toothpick to make it less pointy - less likely to poke someone that way.

For a little extra pizzazz:  use a white Signo pen to add dashes around the flag.  (Don't have a Signo pen?  If you would like one at a great price, we have them in our store. Just email me.)

I used one glue dot and a little additional bit of liquid glue to hold the flag in place.  The end of the toothpick is right under the nuggets and doesn't seem to bother them in the least.

Your little monsters can hold one nugget or two.  There is a sticker built in to hold it in place.  It seems sticky enough, but I like redundancy.  I added a couple of glue dots to the back of the nuggets.

Their arms have little slits so the monsters can hug the nuggets until someone special is ready for a sweet treat.

With each set of monster hugs you get:  18 monsters, 24 googly eyes, and 24 heart stickers. These are lovely quality and even the stickers are sturdy.  They are only available for a limited time.  

This is a great time to shop at Stampin' Up. We've still got some great products at 80% off in the clearance Blitz.  Beginning January 3rd, a new catalog Celebrate the Everyday, will be available.  I've already shopped and had to force myself to stop!  You'll love some of the new products.  

INCENTIVE:  Be one of the first four to place a Stampin' Up order with me beginning January 3rd  for $50 or more.  Make sure you are on my page when you order. I will email you using the email you give Stampin' Up.  You will then get to pick an item or items of your choice from the Celebrate the Everyday catalog that equal $10.00 or less.  Don't add your free items to your order - wait for my email.

Sentiment sheet:

Download sentiment sheet here.

Who can you think of that would like to get a one-eyed monster hug from you?

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