Sunday, June 17, 2018

Tealightful Day Double Diagonal Pocket

I just want to drink tea and make things. I saw that saying awhile back and thought "yeah, that fit's me pretty well."  Of course to those two passions, I'd have to add reading and Louisa!  

I love to read and drink tea - that's my favorite meditation.  I often read while I eat, too.  

Louisa will insistently say "book" while she's eating.  I give her a board book that can easily be wiped off.  She's still a little messy.  But, she's starting out right!  At breakfast, she'll point to our tea and say "Tea hot!"

I made a double diagonal pocket to feature these adorable stamps and to hold two of my favorite teas.

I'm totally into the storybook look of this teacup.  

I had so much fun coloring and putting this together.  The tea pocket with the sun has Irish Breakfast Tea.  It's strong and wonderful and gets you going in the morning.  The pocket with the moon has Extra Sleepy Time Herbal Tea, which is perfect at night.  A perfect little thinking of you gift.

The pockets:  diagonal double pocket and the little pockets for the tea bags are super easy to make.  I've got a video on how to fold them and I also give a couple of tips on the Tealightful Day stamps.  Here's the video:

Have a tealightful day!

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