Saturday, July 19, 2014

Get Sprinkled: Free Image + a Winner

I have always loved idioms.  They were one of my favorite things to share with my first graders when I taught.  One of the very first idioms I taught them was :  It's raining cats and dogs.  We would divide our paper in half and draw two pictures:  one side showing the actual words (cats and dogs falling from the sky) and the other side showing what we actually mean when we use the idiom (heavy rain).  

A while back, I lucked into quite a few Agnes Richardson postcards.  When I saw this one with raining cats and dogs, I started laughing and wished I had had it earlier for the first graders to see.  But, I wouldn't have shown it to them until they had done their drawings, wouldn't want to stifle creativity, you know.  And you wouldn't have believed some of the awesome pictures they did!

I thought Get Sprinkled was kind of cute and tied it all together with this inside:

I always think of my daughter, Lauren, wearing her loved Wellies when it rains.  She has been known to dance in the rain (and perhaps down the aisle at Lowe's).  Shhh - don't tell!  

 To download this Agnes Richardson postcard, click HERE.  Or just right click on the image below.

Are you wondering who has won the Christmas in July present?   Thank you to everyone who played along and left such sweet comments!  The name selected by my husband (old school random) is:

Meghan (littlepinkbike)

Meghan, email me (see email in side bar) with your address and I will get your Christmas in July present off to you on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend and go dance in some rain (if you don't have rain, go dance in the sunshine or maybe in the aisle at Lowe's)!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Christmas in July Day 3

Hi, there!  Welcome to Day 3 of Christmas in July!  This is the last day of projects featuring Christmas images from Free Pretty Things for You and ChouxChoux Paper Arts.  We're so glad that you've joined us!

First up today is a most darling Santa.  I printed this card large (or maybe I should say long).  It's about 4 1/8" x 9".    

This Santa is so cute and the size is so cool that I didn't add a lot. The snowflakes are vellum that I colored with a pink copic marker.  You can download  Santa in his car HERE.

Little Miss Christmas is making her appearance again!  This time in magenta - such a pretty color!

I made the gusseted treat bag with paper from Dreamlike Magic.  You can see a tutorial for making the gusseted bag in my post HERE.  I punched two holes in the top layer of the bag to tie on the tag.  You can download the magenta version of Little Miss Christmas at Free Pretty Things for You.

Okay, you can look at the first two Christmas in July posts to see what is in the Christmas present so far.  To all the goodies in the first post, the kit for the ornament in the second post, I'm adding a kit for the Little Miss Christmas treat bag.  The bag will already be cut and scored and you'll get everything you need except for adhesives.

Winning the Christmas in July present is easy.  Leave a comment on all three Christmas in July posts.  Let  me know in one comment that you would like to win.  Comments need to be made before 11:59 on Friday.  Random winner will be announced on Saturday, July 19th.  Be sure to check back on Saturday to see if you've won.

I hope you've enjoyed Christmas in July and Little Miss Christmas in all her finery.   Be sure to take a look at all the wonderful images available at Free Pretty Things for You

Happy Christmas (in July)!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Christmas in July Day 2

Hurray, for Christmas in July!  It's got me thinking early about Christmas presents.  Maybe this year I'll get done before Christmas Eve.  The problem is that I usually think of some cool project to make about December 22nd.  I always wonder why I didn't think of it sooner.  I also think Christmas in July is working it's magic on the weather.  This is usually one of the hottest weeks of the year for us, but amazingly we are going to have 70 degree weather this week!!  I can't believe it - but I love it!

I've got a card and an ornament to share today.  Keren has the sweetest Christmas images at Free Pretty Things for You.  Isn't this the cutest manger scene?

I used microfine glitter and colored on top of it.  You can see a complete tutorial on that technique in my post HERE.  I printed Rejoice in gray on vellum and cut a band for my card.  I also tucked a gold mini cupcake liner underneath.  

You can download this oh, so sweet image HERE.

For the ornament, I'm using the red version of Little Miss Christmas.  You can see more about Little Miss Christmas in yesterday's post.  

The ornament is very easy to make.

You need white sticky back vinyl.  You can find it several places including the Silhouette store and amazon.  I like the glass ornaments for this - you could use the completely round ones - this one is kind of flat.  I used a large Martha Stewart punch, but you could use dies or an electronic cutter too.  

For this particular punch, I needed two to make a complete snowflake.  Then I had to cut away the excess from around the punch.  Peel off the vinyl and press to the ornament. 

It's filled with little white pompoms.  I'm thinking you could also fill this with red and green M&Ms for a treat ornament.  What other ideas do you have to fill the ornament?

 Little Miss Christmas is tied on with twine - wrapped a couple of times around the top.  You can download the red version of her HERE.  Visit Free Pretty Things for You for the magenta version.  I'm showing a project with her tomorrow.

You can see the first part of the Christmas in July present in yesterday's post.  I'm adding a kit for the Little Miss Christmas ornament to the giveaway.  To win, leave me a comment letting me know that you want to win.  Be sure to also comment on all three posts.  Comment by  11:59 p.m. Friday and I'll announce the winner on Saturday, July 19th.

Hope you are enjoying a little Christmas in July.  See you tomorrow for Day 3!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Christmas in July Day 1

So glad you've dropped by for the first day of Christmas in July!  It's a little too warm for hot chocolate by the fire, but not too warm for three days of fun Christmas projects. Maybe the thought of Christmas will cool me off a bit - we are having a 100 degree day today!

You probably all know by now that Dennis and I (and Lauren when we visit her in Wichita) prowl the antique stores.  I found a darling HUGE vintage Christmas coloring book with Little Miss Christmas on the cover.  I sent her to Keren at Free Pretty Things for You and Keren worked her magic!  Now we've got three different Little Miss Christmas images.  Her dress was originally red and Keren also made her available in white and purple.  You can find a link below to download all three.

I love the white/blue version and I wanted to put her on a little something other than a card.  So, I designed this fun little house just for Little Miss Christmas and her sweet animal friends.

Would you like to make your own little Christmas house gift box?  Here's how:

For a house that is 3" across and 2" deep, cut your paper to 7" x 9".  Double sided paper would be best.  I also used 110 lb paper to make the box really sturdy.  The cute snowflake paper is from Aesthetic Addiction.

Now you're ready to score.  On the 7" side, score at 2" and 5" from the left side.

On the 9" side, make 4 scores.  Score at 1", 3", 6" and 8".  

Cut off the corners and slit the remaining four corners on the long side to the score line.

Making the roof peak is next.  I find it easier to use a ruler and scissors rather than a paper cutter.  The center portion on the top will become the peak of the roof.  It measures 3".  Make a dot in the middle at 1 1/2" and draw diagonal lines to the corners where the scores intersect.  Cut away excess to  make the peak.

You will also need a back for your house.  Cut a piece of paper 3" x 7".  Don't forget to score it 2" from the bottom.  You will make a peak just like the other.  

Fold and glue the bottom flaps of the front of the house.  The back of the house will wrap around the bottom and be glued to the side tabs.

Now you are ready to punch the holes and tie a ribbon to make the closed top of the roof.  It really doesn't take very long at all to make.  

You can decorate with something cute -  Little Miss Christmas, perhaps?

Download the white/blue Little Miss Christmas HERE.  Visit Free Pretty Things for You to download the magenta version.  Tomorrow I'll have the link for the red version.

We can't have Christmas in July without a present.   One lucky reader will win the following by random selection:

There's a cute fox stamp and a set of sentiment stamps.  Also some Stampin' Up goodies:  Banner Blast stamps, Banner Blast punch, 2 Border embossing folders, and a set of Stampin' Write markers.  I will also include a KIT for the Little Miss Christmas House.  It will come with everything you need except for adhesives.  

It's easy to win.  Just leave me a comment letting me know that you would like to receive my Christmas present.  AND come back Tuesday and Wednesday and comment on those posts, too!   In other words, comment on all three Christmas in July posts.  

I will announce the winner on Saturday, July 19th.  Please comment on all three posts before 11:59 p.m. on Friday.  Come back on Saturday to see who won.  Especially check back if you don't have a blog and your email address is not on your profile.  It makes it a little hard to find you!

Check out my new Choux Box Kits Club on the page tab at the top of my blog.

Merry Christmas (in July)!  See you tomorrow...

Friday, July 11, 2014

What a Fun Thank You + Free Image

I really like to find different ways to say "Thank you!"   I like this one - a retro guest check - the kind that you would have found at that little corner cafe tucked under your plate boasting the best, juiciest burger ever.  Hungry, yet?   Do you have any of those kinds of places in your neck of the woods?  I'd love to join you there!

Now this thank you has a little more than just a guest check under your plate!  Aren't the butterflies pretty?  The dies are from Papertrey Ink.

If you love the graphic yellow and gray papers, you can find them at Grepic.  It's a lovely collection.

You can download a copy of the guest check thank you HERE or click on the image and save it.  

I have an announcement!  Drumroll, please... Now introducing my Choux Box Kits Club!

It's actually been around awhile - just not in any official way.  Just a few customers who have become friends that enjoy my kits.  Now it even has a logo!  Click on the Choux Box Kits Club tab at the top of my blog or HERE to find out more.  We'd love to have you join us.  

And how about a little Christmas in July?  

Come back Monday!  I'm joining up with Keren from Free Pretty Things for You for Christmas in July!  Fun projects with darling vintage images and it wouldn't be Christmas without a present or two - for you!  See you then!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Kind Koala

Hope you had a wonderful 4th (if you're American)!  Dennis and I just got back from visiting with Lauren and Paul in Wichita.  It's been a long time since I've been in a city where fireworks are legal.  It was amazing!  All over town fireworks were going off, even the big colorful pretty ones.  I could actually smell the gun powder (or whatever it is) floating on the breeze.  The sky was hazy around the moon.  It was kind of cool and scary at the same time.  Are fireworks legal where you live?  

Before I left for Wichita, I got the cutest stamp from the new Stampin' Up catalog.  Kind Koala ranks high on my Cute and Sweet - O - Meter!

What do you think? And what do you think about the microfine warm highlight glitter?  Isn't it cool?  The marker is actually on TOP of the glitter!  So hard to photograph - wish you could see it in real life - the warm highlights are beautiful and the koala is almost silky!

This is fun to do:

You can find the Glitter Ritz (I have warm highlight) and the Be Creative Tape at Ellen Hutson.  I have the 4.5" roll.  I also think the 8.5 x 11" adhesive sheets would be a great idea.

Once you have covered your image with the tape and glitter - you really need to burnish it.  Your fingers will work just fine, rub until smooth and glitter is no longer coming off.  It will be soft and velvety.

Amazingly, this glitter is so fine that you can color right on top of it!  I think light strokes work best.  I used my Copics, but I understand that just about any marker will work.  I'm thinking you might not want a very pointy hard marker, however, as it might make gouges in the glitter.  (I used the warm grays on my koala - his cheeks are RV10.  The flower is RV10, RV21, and R22.  The entire image is outlined in BG10 and feathered out with C00.)

Don't you think you could make some really fun stamped cards with this technique?  Love this - of course, I can never resist cuteness and glitter!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Gusseted July 4th Treat Bags

Have you had Cracker Jacks in awhile?  I loved them as a kid - now I have to say I didn't eat the peanuts, just the carmel popcorn!  I couldn't wait to find the treat - it didn't seem to matter what it was - I loved it anyway!  

For some reason when I think about Cracker Jacks, I think about being out in the front yard.  So I guess Crackers Jacks are nostalgically connected to childhood and outside fun.  So it seems they would be a perfect treat for the 4th of July.  And I don't think a regular treat bag will hold enough - so gussets are necessary!

Do you need gussets for your 4th of July treats?  Here's out to do it:

To make a gusseted bag with a finished size of 3 1/2" x 5 1/4", cut decorative paper or printed copy paper to 6 1/2" x 10 3/4".   This cute paper is from Grepic - the circus/carnival set.  You still have plenty of time if you like this paper:  it's an instant download.

Next, make your scores on the vertical sides of your paper.  Fold the paper in half top to bottom.  You only need gussets on the top half.  So cut on the 1 1/2" scores from the bottom of the paper to the middle fold.

Now, fold the gussets.  You need a valley fold in the middle.

After folding, add adhesive to top of the folded scores, fold up the bottom (back of the bag) and press firmly.  I used pinking shears across the top of my bag.

Add your goodies!  You might want to know that I got that cute patriotic pup from Cotton Field Farm.  It's an instant download too.

I wanted to link you to one of my daughter's blog posts.  She has a wonderful fresh raspberry and heavy cream dessert that would be wonderful for the hot days of summer.  She also has some fun and enlightening history on midsummer.  I wanted to rush out and buy black velvet, tiny pins, and some stockings.  You'll learn why!

Have a wonderful Fourth of July!

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