Sunday, January 25, 2015

Valentine+Gold Glitter

Sometimes you just have to - you know what I mean:  You've got to GET OUT THE GLITTER!

I glittered up this frame (and kitty and me) and just had a ball.  This frame is from Cricut (yes, I've switched to Cricut Explore).  I cut three frames from heavy duty cardstock and glued them to each other before glittering.  That makes a nice sturdy frame.

 I like things about the Cricut Explore and dislike things about the Cricut Explore.  Same as with the Silhouette.  They each have different issues.  Too bad we can't combine the best of both!!

Love this gorgeous vintage Valentine image.  You can download it HERE.  Just right clickf and download.  Beware - it might make you want to GLITTER!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hi, Ho Silver and a Puppy

Wow!  This has been a tough January.  I've been super busy at work and am exhausted when I get home.  Talk about affecting my mojo!   Give me some advice - how do you wind down and get your mind off things like work so that your creative juices can flow?

I've got a couple of sweet vintage valentine projects to share today.   I wanted a couple of easy packaging options for a small box of conversation hearts.  

I think this Lone Ranger valentine would work for a boy.  It's so cute!  You can download the image HERE.  I've cut some the bottom of the original image off, but left it on for you.  

The conversation heart box fit perfectly inside a kraft envelope.

However, the box is pink, which didn't fit my color scheme.  So I decided a wrap was in order.  I know - it has a little pink, too, but at least it's not the whole box!

Sweet, right?  This puppy cutie is from Studio Shine Vintage.  The conversation heart box also fit into some clear pillow boxes that I have.  

The arrow is made with a lollipop stick, stamps and dies from My Favorite Things.  I hot glued the arrow point and feathers to the lollipop stick.

Hope you are having a lovely January (surely mine will slow down soon)!  So happy you stopped by!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Noah's Ark Valentine and Matching Game

There are so many cute Noah's Ark things out there.  Charlotte (my daughter's niece) has a cute stuffed one and a Little People Ark, too.  One of my favorite books when I was little was Noah's Ark and I had a fabric one as a baby.   When I opened the email from Keren with this darling Valentine, Kitty got scared!  Why?  Because I squealed like a little girl,of course!  It just couldn't be any cuter.  Keren (Free Pretty Things for You) and I are happy to bring this free image to you today.

Of course, the animals are in pairs and I started thinking about Two by Two and came up with an animal matching game to go along with the Noah's Ark.  I found the perfect animal stamps at Dorky Prints.  There are 6 adorable little animals.  So easy to print and cut into cards.  I printed them onto 110 lb. paper.

I cut them into 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" rectangles and rounded the corners.  I also stamped a heart background stamp on the back.  You could print a patterned paper on the back of the animals before you cut them out.  

This box is really easy to make and is perfect to hold a box of crayons to color the animals, the matching game, and some treats, too.  In fact, this is a great package for all kinds of things!  Here's how:

You need two pieces of patterned paper.  One sized 3 1/4 x 5 1/2 and one sized 7 1/4 x 8.
This paper is from The Digi Rainbow.

Score the larger piece of paper.  With the shorter side at the top, score two inches from the left and two inches from the right.

With the longer side at the top, score at 5 1/2 inches and 7 1/2 inches.

At 5" don't score all the way from the top to the bottom.  Make two separate scores, stop at two inches (you'll see your earlier score mark) and start again at your other score mark and score the remaining two inches.  I use a ruler to ensure that I pick up the right scoring indention.

Now cut away both sides on the 2" score mark stopping at the first score mark. Also make the 4 slits shown above to create the tabs.

Now the top needs to be rounded.   If you don't have a circle die or cutting machine, trace around a circular object and cut.  If you do have a die, place it at the top and roll it through your cutter, being sure to stop so that the entire circle isn't cut out!  Repeat on the other piece of patterned paper.

To create handles, you can cut or punch out a shape.  Repeat on the smaller piece of patterned paper.  

Now fold on the score lines and glue to create the box.  The smaller piece will glue right onto the back tabs.  I think you'll find a lot of uses for this cute box!

A couple of other fun ideas for this project would be to change it into a birthday present or use it for a Sunday School class.  I think it would work well for both.  

Download the Noah's Ark Valentine HERE.    Be sure to visit Free Pretty Things for You to see all kinds of wonderful images free for you!

I also have the Two by Two Matching Game tag available.  It's printed in a blue square so that you can die cut it into any shape you want.  Download it HERE.

So glad you stopped by - have a wonderful week!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hugs to You! (+ Free Image)

That's right!  Hugs to you - all of you!  I'm enjoying all your visits, emails and comments.  What better way to say Hugs than with an adorable Agnes Richardson image? 

I love her hat, flowered dress and puppies.  She makes me smile.  You can download her HERE.

Also, if you would like, you can download our Homemade Marinara Sauce HERE.  It's yummy!

I hope the first four days of the new year have been wonderful!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy 2015 + Free Image

Hi there!   Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with their family.  We had fun, especially with a two year old, a BIG dog, and an old cat.  Charlotte (my daughter's niece) turned two on Christmas day.   Lauren and Paul have a puppy (and I use that term loosely), Percy, who is an Airedale and already 40 pounds!  Kitty is scared to death of him, although Percy just seems to want to play!   

Kirby always asks for a special New Year's card for his wife, Gail.  Their first date was on New Year's Eve a long time ago (Ha!).

These little angels are so cute, aren't they?  You can download this sweet image HERE.  Just right click and download.


This is a picture of the Yule Log that Dennis and I made for Christmas Eve.  Don't the meringue mushrooms look real?  Dennis made those!  We also had Lasagne Roll Ups and they were awesome.  I should have time to get together recipes this week for those of you who are interested.  (Including the homemade marinara sauce that you asked for Laura Strack!)

What will you do for New Year's Eve?  Have a party?  Go to an event?  Sleep?  

Whatever it is, I'm wishing you all the best for 2015!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas! + Free Images

Are you ready?  I think I've got everything planned.   I made gingerbread and sugar cookie doughs today and they are chilling in the fridge.  I'm getting ready to make a marinara sauce for the lasagne roll ups we're having Christmas Eve.  Can't wait for everyone to get here!

I've got a couple more of the Red, White and Gold Christmas Card Collection to share today.

You can download the vintage snowman HERE.

And the Santa (full image) HERE.  I cut out just a portion of the image for the center of my snowflake.

Just right click and download.

So glad you stopped by!  Here's wishing you and yours all the best at Christmas!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Red Angel Free Image

What do you do on Christmas Eve?   We used to always do a huge fancy dinner.  Then we switched to doing a Christmas breakfast.   Do you open presents, do you play games?  I'd love to know - I'm looking for new ideas!

You may have already guessed that this card is another one from the Red, White and Gold collection.  

I really love the sweet red angel.  She looks happy to me!  If you would like a copy of her, you can download her HERE.  Right click and download.

Have a wonderful week!

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