Sunday, October 21, 2018

Black Cats for Halloween

Louisa loves Kitty.  Who just happens to be a black cat, of course.  While she was here this weekend,  Louisa carried around my black cat cards and she kept picking them up  and saying "Black Kitty."

You can download this cute Little Fortune Teller with her black kitty below.

This adorable black cat is a svg file.  Fun for a last minute Halloween card or making multiples.  It doesn't take too long to put together and if you like cats, it's purr-fect!  Couldn't resist!

I love this cool cat.  He's a little scraggly, which I think is really cute.  This is also a svg file.  I think it's really pretty.  I covered the cat in black glitter and gave him green eyes. I ended up making this card 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 - it's really large.  One reason is because of the intricacy of the cuts.  

Louisa has been so cute identifying all the pumpkins (on the porch, in her Halloween books, at restaurants, etc...)  Her first ever gluing project was to glue a jack o' lantern face to a colored pumpkin.  She caught on to squeezing the glue pretty quickly and we had to wipe up just a little bit extra.  She must have put on and took off the eyes and mouth about 6 times!  Doesn't she look serious?

Download Little Fortune Teller HERE.

I just have to tell you about my daughter's Autumn Festival Cookbook on Kindle:

Lauren just published a wonderful history-filled cookbook called Revel.  

Okay, yes, I'm the mom.  But still...this is a wonderful read.  If you love to learn things, if you love history or if you love holidays:  this book is for you!  Even if you have no interest in the actual recipes, you will enjoy the fun information!

Lauren has done a LOT of research on traditional British food and late autumn holidays.  She tells you all about the history of the holiday (great conversational tone) and each recipe features a picture and the recipes are tried and true.

You can download Lauren's book, Revel, HERE on Amazon.  (It's only $4.99.)

Thank yo for stopping by and for letting me tell you about Lauren's cookbook.  Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Double Square Overlap Window Cards + Video

Hi,there!  Oh, my gosh.  I've been so busy!  I had one of my show and sales that I had to get ready for, HAD to have fun with Louisa and had to finish an order of 5 haunted houses and 5 halloween lanterns by today.  Phew!  

Here are a couple of cards I finished earlier.  Love these!

Double Square Overlap Window cards are fun and easy to do.  I've got a video for you below.  

It's really cool how the squares overlap and how just a little bit of the image shows in the squares and then...

opening the two flaps reveals the entire scene.  Isn't she sweet?  A Little Miss Muffett character you can download below.   I embellished a bit with some stamps colored with copics.

The Christmas one is just delightful with the gold embossed left side and the fun pattern of the right side.   And then...

a Meowy Christmas!  (This stamp set is from last year - I couldn't find it available anywhere.)

Here's the video:

Download Little Miss Muffett HERE

So glad things have slowed down a little.  Still have lots of goodies to make for orders from my show and have to make Louisa's birthday invitations over the next couple of days.  Shouldn't be too hard! 

The Double Square Overlap Window card would work for just about every occasion.  I'd like to find time to make a few more.  Are you going to make one?

Monday, September 17, 2018

New Window Card + Printable

Okay, you know I'm a sucker for a black cat!  I just can't have enough.  Well, I have one real one and he's probably enough.  But, seriously, cute black cat images?  Nope.  Not. Enough.

What is it that you keep finding yourself attracted to?

And add in a cutie pie girl and an oh, so very sweet puppy?  Okay...that's hitting all the buttons.  

You can download the violin playing girl and her singing sweeties below.

The window card with two different patterns isn't hard to make.  But here are a couple (4) of tips:

1.  Either print two papers side by side or go ahead and glue two prints to a lightweight
piece of paper.  (I didn't go ahead and glue it down because...well, see #3.)

2.  Cut the card base and the patterned paper at the same time.  My 120lb card base is so thick that I ran it through three times and then turned it over and ran it through again!

3.  To make the inside look nice:  Turn the frame face to the INSIDE of the card and tape it on the front.  Patterned paper will cover it.

4.  Cut another frame from the same paper you cut your card base and glue it to the top of
the other frame.

Download Vintage Girl with Violin, Cat and Puppy  HERE.

Hope you have a day worth singing about!  Thanks for stopping by...

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Wishing You a Happy Day (2 Cards - Same Design) + Free Image

Hi!  Let me be the first to wish you a happy, happy day!  

Love that sentiment - it covers a lot of things:  just a general "Hi and have a happy day" or something specific like a birthday.

I've had this postcard floating around in my vintage ephemera boxes for awhile now.  And I finally got around to pulling her out.  So glad I did - she makes a darling birthday card.  Of course, you  know I love black cats so it couldn't get much better!

Didn't need to dress her up a lot - she's so cute on her own.  I did add a little watercolor butterfly.

If you would like to make a little sweet  something with her too, you can download her and the sentiment below.

Here's another take on the same design as the card above - just a little smaller.  Plaid is always a favorite of mine and this is a simple design that works for all kinds of things.

Both of these stamps are old.  The little girl is one of my long time ago favorites from StampingBella.  She is just the sweetest.

Download Happy Happy Day HERE.

So go have a happy, happy day!  So glad you came by!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Paper Sweeties 6th Birthday!

Hi!  Paper Sweeties is 6!  Thank you, Debbie, for asking me to join your celebration.  I had so much fun creating my projects!  (Check out the video below for the mini cupcake cards.)

To celebrate being six, Paper Sweeties has a Challenge contest running through 11:59 pm EST on August 31st. The lucky winner will receive a $100 shopping spree at Paper Sweeties! Gallery viewers will vote by 'liking' their favorite projects and choosing the winner.  To link up your new celebration/birthday inspired projects, click here: Paper Sweeties.  The winner will be announced September 1st.

Paper Sweeties even has an inspiration photo for you:

Pretty color combination!

My first project is this sweetie pie dog - isn't he cute?  I love the little heart shape at his tail!

He's simply colored - just one copic (except for his cheeks).  I randomly added colored areas to get that spotted look.  I also really love the slightly wonky scallop frame - one of my new favorites!

You can see I made use of the rectangle (slightly wonky) scallop frame for these mini cupcake cards - aren't they sweet?  The watercolor is so simple and I'm really liking the monochromatic theme.  At first, I wasn't sure that there was enough contrast between the cupcakes and the background, but then I felt like they were so soft and pretty.

Here's the video on the mini watercolor cupcake cards:

Don't forget to link up for a chance on that $100 shopping spree at Paper Sweeties!  So glad you stopped by to celebrate Paper Sweeties turning six!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Inlaid Die Cut Window Cards + Video

How's the end of your summer?  The kids here have all gone back to school, but the weather is still in the high 80s and 90s.  I'm ready for fall - probably because I'm already making Halloween goodies! 

I've got a new video on how to make these inlaid die cut window cards.  Basically, just adding back a piece of the die cut into the window.  They are pretty easy, but I've got a tip or two to make them even easier.

I love this stamp!  Isn't she just adorable?  

I had so much fun coloring her hair - not only pink, but polka dot too!  I"m not sure what brought that on.  Her face looks yellow in this pic, but seriously - it's not!

This window has been enhanced with orange paint dots.

Love this (oddball) girl, too!  She has wonderfully curly hair and you gotta love those eyes and batwings!

Here's the video:

Have you made any Halloween goodies yet?  I know a lot of you have been making Christmas things throughout the year - wish I had been!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Fun Fold Open Flip Card + Video

Hi!  Hope your last couple of weeks has been as fun as mine!  Louisa was here again for another 4 days - how cool is that?  Two weeks in a row!  The house seems super quiet without her.  

Let's keep the fun going with this fun fold card I'm calling an Open Flip Card.  I love how it works and I've made a video with tips to make it super easy for you to do.

It wasn't easy at first (it took me awhile to figure out how to do it).  I just had an idea and it took me a week of looking and thinking and trying to get it right.   And don't tell me if somebody else has done this - I don't want my "I did it" bubble to burst!

So this is the second "stage" of the card.  The front is opened and flipped back on itself to reveal another image.  Cool, right?  Well, the fun doesn't stop there...

Third "stage":  Open it up again and you can see the full spread.  What do you think?

The stamps are from Stampin' Up called Magical Day.  I got them last year and I just found out they are no longer available.  Might be some on Ebay...

Here's the video, in case you want to make one, too!

These are the copics used for this card.

It was super hot when Louisa was here.  My mom and dad suggested the perfect indoor activity.  Throwing pennies in the fountain at North Park Mall.  Who knew throwing pennies could be so much fun?

Go have some fun yourself and maybe make a Fun Fold Open Flip card while you're at it!
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