Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mother's Day Free Printables!

Home is where Mom is!  That's always true.  Sometimes you just want your mom.  No one else will do.  I created this sweet cottage printable to give to my mom.  I'm sharing it with you, in case you would like to give one to your mom.

I cleaned up the image and added the sentiment.   Before I framed it, I decided to add a pretty wash of blue watercolor to the sky.  So I printed the image on 90lb watercolor paper.  

Watercoloring the sky isn't a necessary step, but I think it looks pretty and it was fun to do.  You don't need fancy watercolors - even the cheapest will work great!

After I got it framed, I decided a pretty tag was in order.   So I created some printable Mother's Day tags, too.

I printed my tags on 90lb watercolor so they would match the cottage print.  You can print them on cardstock, too.  

You'll notice that these tags have no lines.  They are 90% finished.  You get to cut and embellish them however you want!  I really love that - they are so versatile and the possibilities are endless!  

You can die cut them, emboss or punch them!  Add pretty colored hole reinforcers, too.  Use twine or ribbon....

Here is one that I left long - could be a bookmark.

Here is the one I cut into a flag shape to use for the tag on my framed cottage.

You can download the 4x6 cottage HERE.

You can download the larger cottage version HERE.

You can download the Mother's Day Tags HERE.

When you click and get to the page, wait just a minute and a download button will show up in the top right hand corner.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Dear Mother + Free Images

What's up with you today?  Our roses are so pretty and blooming like crazy!  The pink knock out roses are in the front.  Dennis cut one for me for these photos.  It's been such a lovely weekend.  Dennis and I even ate on the patio for lunch (which in Oklahoma is often way too windy).  

I had picked up several Anna Griffin dies awhile back.  They are so lovely and ornate - perfect for a vintage looking Mother's Day card.  If you like the Dear Mother image, you can download it below.

I adore these sweet little flower delivery boys.  They would work perfectly for Mother's Day, birthdays, thank yous...

You can download them below, too!

Download Dear Mother HERE.

Download the Flower Delivery Boys HERE.

Have a lovely week!

Monday, April 18, 2016

DIY Watercolor Tag Book + Envelope Pocket!

The watercolor craze is full on!   Here's an idea to get your kids (grandkids, friend's kids, any kids) to join in:  a watercolor tag book!  And, of course, you would need a cool gift pocket for it, too.   Karen, from Free Pretty Things for You, and I have teamed up to bring you this free darling vintage graphic just perfect for watercolor fun!

First up, let me tell you about the tag book.  I wanted images that were a little larger than most of my stamps, so I printed digi images on watercolor paper.

You may remember my printer saga with watercolor paper.  I recommend printing on 90lb instead of 140lb, as 140lb killed my printer!

The watercolor paper was trimmed into tag shapes and bound on a book ring.

The gift pocket is made from a business size envelope.  Super easy - here's how:

You can download a couple of versions of "Color the Pictures Kids".  There's one with the little girl in a pink dress and one with the little girl in a teal dress.

You can download the pink dress version HERE.

ETA:  There seems to be some trouble downloading from the above link.  I put it in my dropbox account so I'm hoping it will work.  The link is HERE.  It seems a tiny bit slow, but a download button will pop up on the top right of the screen.  Here's hoping this one works!

Visit Free Pretty Things for You to download the teal dress version.

Cute and fun in one little DIY watercolor package!
So glad you stopped by and have wonderful week...

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