Monday, September 17, 2018

New Window Card + Printable

Okay, you know I'm a sucker for a black cat!  I just can't have enough.  Well, I have one real one and he's probably enough.  But, seriously, cute black cat images?  Nope.  Not. Enough.

What is it that you keep finding yourself attracted to?

And add in a cutie pie girl and an oh, so very sweet puppy?  Okay...that's hitting all the buttons.  

You can download the violin playing girl and her singing sweeties below.

The window card with two different patterns isn't hard to make.  But here are a couple (4) of tips:

1.  Either print two papers side by side or go ahead and glue two prints to a lightweight
piece of paper.  (I didn't go ahead and glue it down because...well, see #3.)

2.  Cut the card base and the patterned paper at the same time.  My 120lb card base is so thick that I ran it through three times and then turned it over and ran it through again!

3.  To make the inside look nice:  Turn the frame face to the INSIDE of the card and tape it on the front.  Patterned paper will cover it.

4.  Cut another frame from the same paper you cut your card base and glue it to the top of
the other frame.

Download Vintage Girl with Violin, Cat and Puppy  HERE.

Hope you have a day worth singing about!  Thanks for stopping by...

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Wishing You a Happy Day (2 Cards - Same Design) + Free Image

Hi!  Let me be the first to wish you a happy, happy day!  

Love that sentiment - it covers a lot of things:  just a general "Hi and have a happy day" or something specific like a birthday.

I've had this postcard floating around in my vintage ephemera boxes for awhile now.  And I finally got around to pulling her out.  So glad I did - she makes a darling birthday card.  Of course, you  know I love black cats so it couldn't get much better!

Didn't need to dress her up a lot - she's so cute on her own.  I did add a little watercolor butterfly.

If you would like to make a little sweet  something with her too, you can download her and the sentiment below.

Here's another take on the same design as the card above - just a little smaller.  Plaid is always a favorite of mine and this is a simple design that works for all kinds of things.

Both of these stamps are old.  The little girl is one of my long time ago favorites from StampingBella.  She is just the sweetest.

Download Happy Happy Day HERE.

So go have a happy, happy day!  So glad you came by!

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