Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Free Agnes Richardson Image!

Got cuteness?  I do and I'm sharing it with you!  You know I love Agnes Richardson illustrations.  

I've got a new one and it even includes my favorite:  a black cat!  You can download this image HERE.

I want to share this photo of my sweet Kitty.  He is 15 years old. He adopted us when he was about one.  Look at his pretty green eyes.  Dennis says he is just an old black cat and acts like he's not that fond of Kitty.  But I've caught him talking to Kitty and he doesn't push him off the couch if Kitty decides to keep Dennis company.  It's amazing how much I love this old black cat!

This cute envelope and tag are purr-fect (couldn't resist) for a little note to a good friend.  I adore this string tie envelope with all the stars.  I adore it even more with the Agnes Richardson cuties!

I'm just about ready to send out info on new limited Choux Box kits.  (This will be one of them.)  If you would like to get an email showing all the new kits, take a look at the Choux Box Kits Page.  You can sign up there.

Have a purr-fect (oops,there I go again) rest of your week!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

National Letter Writing Month + Canvaspop Winner!

Jan. 8, 1968:  "Hope Robert will make it home okay.  Lori and I didn't get home until 6:15.  At the bottom of the hill were 5 cars - some in the ditch and the others turned every which way.  Three were hit.  There was a policeman trying to get me to turn back, but the problem was, I was already half way down the hill.  Got stuck, they had to put out a bag of salt, luckily several men helped.  By the time we were home, I was shaking all over."

One of my favorite treasures is a collection of letters written from my mom to my grandma.  I've got quite a few and I love to get them out and read a couple every once in awhile.  I love the little bits of info about our every day life.  So funny what Mom says about stamps - it cost 6 cents to mail a letter in 1968.   I know as a young mom she was worried about money.

April is  National Letter Writing Month. And while April is almost over, it doesn't have to be April to write a letter, right?  I was inspired the last time I got out Mom's letters, to save letters between Lauren and I.  The problem is we have NO LETTERS!  Email, text...but no letters.  

The concept I've come up with would work well for Pen Pals, too.  I created a set of (cute) stationery, enough for each of us to write 6 letters.   Stamped some envelopes and die cut light blue ribbon stickers.  Lauren came to visit this weekend, so I didn't mail her first letter.  Just had it ready to give to her with her stationery.  When we've written our letters, I'll create some more stationery!

I included a yellow polka dot packet to hold the fun pen, ribbon stickers and stamps, too!  I didn't want the stamps and ribbon stickers falling to the bottom so I clipped them to a long piece of paper.

Revisit the Instructions for the
 Long Gusseted Gift Bag

 If you want the instructions for the gusseted gift bag, click HERE.
The only thing I did differently was use a scallop circle at the top.

The top is held closed by the decoration, which is clipped to only the top gusset.

Here's how I made the pen holder:

This is one fat pen!  Dimensions will vary a little bit with a smaller pen.

Cut a strip of 1 1/2" x 7 1/2 inch cardstock.  Score as shown above.

Your circle die or punch needs to fit between the scores.  Easy and cute!

If you're wondering, this adorable image is from Studio Shine Vintage.

Now for the winner of a 
16 x 20 canvas from Canvaspop!

The winner is:

Congratulations, Toni!  You'll love it!
Email me and 
I'll send you the code!

For all of us who didn't win, we still 
can get 35% off!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

CanvasPop Giveaway + Printable

Have I got something fun today!  I'd like to introduce you to Canvaspop.  Canvaspop will take your favorite photo and turn it into a canvas.  I sent one of my favorite pictures of my mom and dad - 1961, right after their wedding in the back of a '57 Chevy.  (Were  you surprised to see your face, Mom?)

Isn't it great?  The photo wraps around the edges - I really like that.  I'm helping my mom and dad with a black and white photo wall in their new house.   This is a perfect addition!

In the interest of full disclosure, Steve from Canvaspop contacted me and asked me if might do a review.  Since the canvas is fabulous, I'm happy to post about it.  And the other fabulous thing is that one lucky reader will win a photo canvas from Canvaspop!  Details are below.

I wanted to wrap the canvas simply to give to my mom and dad.  I tied some gold cording around it and attached a foiled pocket with a tag.  I just got a Minc and used it to create the pink foiled words on the pocket - very cool, huh?

I've created a printable that can be printed with toner (not inkjet - that means copier or laser printer) so it can be foiled or it can be printed on an inkjet and left black and white.  You can see the tag above, I just printed it in black and white.  You can download the For You printable HERE.

I did a couple of different colors of foil:

These were really hard to photograph and look much better in person!  Here is the back of the pocket with the tag:

Here's how to make the pocket:

These instructions are based on the printable as is.  If you change the size or position, you'll need to change the cuts and scores.  

First thing, cut the For You sentiment off at 5" from the top.  You can see for this one, I left it black and white and swiped it with a little watercolor.

Then score as seen above.

Fold in the sides and cut off the long side to match the front.

Now you're ready to angle the sides.  Glue the sides, fold up and glue the bottom.  Done!

Canvaspop giveaway details:

Just let me know that you'd like to win in your comment.  One winner will be selected randomly and will be announced on Sunday, April 26th.   I'll send the winner a code that will be valid for one year.  

Canvaspop is also offering a discount to everyone!

Use the code CHOUXCHOUX35 for a 35% discount on your order from Canvaspop!

So glad you stopped by!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Little Lambs Eat Ivy

Keren (Free Pretty Things for You) and I are bringing you some sweetness again this month!  You'll want to download this little lamb, because not only is it adorable  - it is versatile.   I confess when I first looked at it, I thought "Easter".  And, of course, it would be perfect for Easter, but it was going to be after Easter before we could post it.  So you can probably already tell the thought process:  in like a lamb, Mary had a little lamb, baa baa black sheep, counting sheep, babies, little lambs eat ivy...    

You can see which one won out for me.  I took the sweet lamb that Keren sent and used it to create a seed packet cover.  Imagine my surprise when I sent my project to her and she replied back that the original image came from a seed packet!!!  Must be fate...

If you download the image I created, you can print it on about any color.  I was going to draw the seed packet template, but personally I can't stand for there to be lines on my projects!  It's actually very easy to score and cut to make the seed packet - all with no lines!  The following instructions will tell you how to make the seed packet.

These instructions are based on where the image prints right from the download.  But if you change the size or position, it's pretty easy to figure out.

Score following the photos above.  Now let's create the tabs.

I designed the packet to open on the right, so it's got a slightly larger tab.

One more step on the tabs:

Now you're ready to fold up and glue.  

Fold the sides in, the shorter side on top and then the bottom.  For the rustic white packet, I placed two seed packets in a glassine bag, folded it over and clipped it to the back of the seed packet.  I printed the sentiment (also available to download) on vellum.

For the pink and blue packets, I also created a Welcome Little One tag to place inside. The tag is also available for download.

You can download the Little Lambs Eat Ivy seed packet HERE.  The "If Friends were Flowers sentiment and Welcome Little One tag can be downloaded HERE.  To download the lamb image (colored and/or black and white) visit Free Pretty Things for You.

So glad you stopped by and have a lovely week!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Whisper Your Wish + Printable

Part of the fun of any birthday is blowing out the candles and making a wish, right?  Well, what if you double the chances of it coming true by whispering that wish to a butterfly?

The saying goes that the butterfly will fly the wish to the heavens to make it come true.

I love this idea, so I decided to combine the two on this birthday card:  blowing out candles and whispering to a butterfly.

If you like the poem, you can download it HERE.  I printed it on vellum and it looks really pretty!

Now you just have to hope there is a butterfly around somewhere on your birthday!  

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Love My Mom!

I really do!  My mom is awesome.  It always drives it home for me when I hear some (unfortunate) people talk about their mothers.  My mother has always supported me.  I've never doubted her love for me (and in fact, take it for granted - thank you, Mom).   I want my daughter to feel the same way:  "Of course, my mom loves me!"

Maybe I was just thinking about my mom, but when I first saw this vintage tally, I thought it would make a perfect Mother's Day card.

Isn't she gorgeous?   She is actually part of a book and the basket is a separate piece.  You can download her (and her basket) HERE.

Of course, she would also make a lovely card for a friend!  

Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Some Bunny Loves You!

Cute and sweet alert!  That's immediately what I thought when I saw these adorable bunnies.  (You can see the Somebunny stamps and dies at MFT Stamps.)  I meant to make something for Easter, but that didn't seem to happen.  So, when a friend asked me to send her some pink ribbon, I made a goodie bag instead!

Oh, I had so much fun coloring this little cutie with Copics!   Underneath is tag made with a new (to me) heart embossing folder from Stampin' Up.

When I made this bag, I wanted to add a little extra touch - the folded doily at the top.  Then I started thinking about it catching on whatever was pulled out from inside the bag.   So I came up with the idea of a liner.   The liner is the same width and just a little shorter than the actual bag.  After slipping it inside, I sewed up the sides.  This way the doily is sandwiched in between the  bag and the liner and nothing will catch on it.  (The size on this is 3 3/4" x 5 1/2" and the pretty bokeh paper is from Grepic.)

I've sent this little bag on its way.  I think it certainly qualifies as Happy Mail!

Have a lovely rest of your week....

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