Sunday, May 27, 2018

Father's Day 2018

Been having so much fun (except for ear infections) with Louisa!  She has an ear infection in both ears, so the poor sweet thing is feeling pretty rough.

Luckily, she's had everybody to help out:  mommy and daddy, grandma and grandpa and great grandma and great grandpa.  

Louisa's feeling better, but as Lauren said "is on hair-trigger crankiness!"

While Louisa was napping, I made these father's day tags. I really like the font and the blue and green plaid.  If you like them, they are ready to download below.

I used the "payday" one to create a little treat.  Love the play on words!

I happen to really like Payday's, too.  Yum!

I wrapped the Payday in light weight Kraft mailing paper and hot glued stars onto the twine.

I used the XOXO tag to create a pillow box treat filled with Kisses (with almonds) and Hugs.

I used the last two tags to make a clean and simple Father's Day card.

One tag for the outside and ...

one for the inside.  I cut out the middle of the tag for the inside sentiment.

Another clean and simple Father's Day card.  This is one of my favorite frame stamps and "dad" fit perfectly.

I bought 2 digital sets and combined them to make these cute Star Wars cards.  Paul and I are big Star Wars fans, so Louisa is going to give her daddy the Leia one.  

Download Father's Day Tags HERE.

I have the best dads in my family.  They are all the best of men:  kind, caring, responsible, honest, supportive of women.  All characteristics that I cherish and appreciate.

Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

2 Wreath Turnabout Cards+Video

Where have I been?  Well, for two weeks no where fun.  I!  Seriously, you may remember that we got all new heat and air in January.  That included all new ducts upstairs, which also includes LOTS of plaster dust.  I've wiped down every book (20 shelves worth) and taken everything out of closets and washed and put it all back.  

Then last week, I was somewhere Savannah with Louisa!  She's the most fun ever.

I also had some fun with these fabulous wreath turnabout stamps from Concord & 9th.

I made a video too!

The stamps are called "turnabout" because you turn the stamp a quarter turn and stamp it four times to get a complete wreath.

It has two different wreaths.  This one is all filled in and quite pretty.

This wreath is more the traditional ring and is very versatile.  On this card, you can also see a little peek at one of my new favorite stamp sets called Sophisticated Script.

Here's the video on how to make these cards:

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