Thursday, May 23, 2019

Tri-Fold Window Cards + Video

Hi, there!  This is a Louisa weekend coming up, so I'm looking forward to seeing her.

I've got a couple of crafts for her to make.  We made tulips a couple of weeks ago and she had so much fun using scissors and a hole-punch for the first time!

These tri-fold window cards were a lot of fun to make.  I've got a video (below) with a couple of tips (especially how to hide the tab).

I love the plaid stencil on the front of this one with that fun turnabout showing through the window.  The colors are soft and pretty.

Here you can see the turnabout stamped and then cut to fit the flap.

Have you created with any of the turnabout stamps?  Such a cool idea!

The inside is actually the leftover piece that makes the window from the front.  

Adorable kitties steal the show on these!  I couldn't decide how I wanted to color the kitty, so I colored it up a couple of different ways and then used both of them to create cards.

I think the kitty might be jumping up to catch a butterfly and then 

he caught it or maybe the butterfly caught him!

This one's fun with all the sequins and the silver embossed grid panel.  It's so weird - in this photo it looks like there are some blue sequins.  Reflecting light, I guess - there are no blue sequins!

I really love corny puns - I love mew cracks me up!

Here's the video with some tips on making tri-fold window cards:

So glad you stopped by!

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Mini Floral Stamps Ideas #3 + Video

 I've been having fun with my mini floral stamps again.   I finished these up while Louisa was taking her naps last weekend.  

This time I've added distress ink into the mix.  All fun, easy ideas to incorporate into your creations.  You can see the video with tips below.

Talk about getting your money's worth - I've used these butterfly dies a lot!  I love the butterfly covered in flowers with a little milled lavender distress ink blended on the edges.

I heard someone say " Quit using unicorns, already!"  Well, no.  I think this unicorn is adorable and I'm going to continue coloring unicorns as long as I want to!  So there!

Seriously, though.  this is cuteness!  The mini floral stamps in the scallop tag are covered with a light layer of cracked pistachio distress ink.  I really like the flowers showing through, so I used distress ink in lieu of distress oxide.

The unicorn is colored the same colors as the flowers - love the stripes and pink hooves!

This is another stamp that is pure cuteness!  I love the tea theme and those mice are adorable.  You can barely see the distress ink on the teapot and cup.  It's spun sugar and the light pink is really pretty.  

You can probably think of stamps you could decorate with mini flowers.

My favorite mouse is the little one asleep with his little round belly.  

Here is the video:

Thank you for stopping by!  Have a lovely week.

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