Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Turkey Day!

This turkey label is a favorite of mine - I used it last year to make our placecards for Thanksgiving Dinner.  This year, it's a card. 

Love the fabric on this.  I last used it to make a purse.  I also love those pinky orange leaves!   We're having our Thanksgiving lunch at work on Monday.  I have to remember to take goodies to decorate the table.  I better make a list of everything I need to take - otherwise I'm sure to forget something! 


  1. What a beautiful Thanksgiving card, Lori... love the fabric and that gold doily! Paper doilies have a way of taking me back to when I was a kid... so vintage!!!

  2. thats a great turkey and a wonderful card!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. This card is wonderful Lori, hope you have a great dinner, Happy Thanksgiving, Marilyn

  4. Fab combination of elements and materials Lori, it IS a great turkey! Also adore that golden doily, it looks lovely on your card!

  5. Gorgeous! Will you be sharing photos of your Thanksgiving luncheon?

  6. I bet your decorations you take to work are so beautiful. Your card looks lovely.. I love that background fabric also. And that is a great turkey image.

    Hope you have a great weekend..

    Hugs, Linda


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