Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thank You From The Bottom of my Heart

Okay, did you know...that Kewpies have to have wings or they are NOT Kewpies?  I learned that on Antiques Road Show. Kewpies were first seen in drawings by Rose O'Neil for Ladies' Home Journal in 1909 - the same year my house was built!  I need a Kewpie doll to put on the shelf...

For now, this Kewpie will have to do.  I've combined a couple of Kewpie sets from Nicecrane Designs to create my project.  LOVE the sentiment:

I would thank you from the bottom of my heart
But for you my heart has no bottom

Such a sweet way to say thank you!

I put together an easy gift box for my Kewpie to adorn.  I always do a drawing of the box I want,starting with the size of the front of the box - adding on the sides, back, tab and bottom.  Would you like to see my highly accurate, to scale drawing (hah) of this box?

Then I just follow my drawing - cut it out, score it and fold it up!  Decorate!  

Here's a look at the Kewpie sets:

Visit Nicecrane Designs for LOTS of vintage images, I mean lots!  Thank you for stopping by!


  1. OMG Lori,,,,,so adorable and sweetie gift box,,,,,,love your idea to mix my Kewpie Baby Quote with one of my picts,,,,,waht a creative one,,,, woww,,and yourdie cuts are amazing Lori. How colorful project you did Lori,,,and such a lot of details ,,,,,, You are rock my friend.

  2. Oh what a delightful little gift box Lori, such a cute image, too! Really love the colours, too, so sweet...

  3. These are the sweetest images Lori - perfect for you art work. No I did not know kewpies had to have wings to be a kewpie!

  4. Very cute box! It's adorable!!

  5. Those images are so cute. I just adore the box you created.


  6. What a darling gift box! And, sweet little kewpie image!


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