Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Santa's Special Delivery at Craftistas

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How about a new take on the Christmas stocking?  One fun idea would be burlap bags for Santa's special delivery!  Not JUST a burlap bag - let's snazz it up a little, shall we?

Let's start with paint circles.  These could be just about any color you wish.  And no need for a template - just make your own.  

This template was made with a circle die and paper.  It worked great!  You want to paint with a dry brush to avoid drips.  After dipping your brush in paint,  wipe off excess paint.  I put my paint out in a paper plate and then just brush the paint off on the plate.  I also use a fairly stiff brush.
Let's continue snazzing...

Must have a cute tag, right?  How about a vintage Santa all framed up and hung by a decorated clothespin?  It also works to keep the bag closed.  Here's a pic to show the two parts of the Santa tag:

I wanted this bag to be fairly easy, cute and work for either a boy or a girl.  (So not a lot of "frufru", you know?)  The only other snazzing I did was to add a ribbon handle and I actually shortened the burlap bag a bit (just cut it off, turned it wrong side out and turned the raw edges in and sewed).  

Now for the really cool part of this post.  If you want to whip up a similar bag for Santa's Special Delivery, you don't have to go find all the pieces.  Craftistas has done it for you!  Craftistas has a kit all ready to go with the burlap bag, stamp set, and clothespins.  The bag is really nice and large (in fact, you might want to leave it long - you can get more goodies inside).  The clear stamp set is really versatile.  It is not a Christmas set - you can use it for all kinds of things!  And I love the clothespins - they are sturdy and a lovely color.  How does this work?  You just click the button at the bottom of this post.  In addition, Craftistas is offering  you a 10% discount!

Would you like the vintage Santa image?

 I have it set up as a free download.  Click here:  vintage santa

Here is the link to the kit:


  1. Oh wow Lori, this is perfect...I can download this wonderful vintage santa and use him to make a Christmas gift bag with my burlap...thanks so much! Jane x.

  2. This is such a wonderful Christmas bag - love the burlap and love love the santa image. TFS

  3. I wondered how long before I saw you decorating the burlap yourself...FANTASTIC and your circle template is precious. This gift bag idea is just the best and I love your vintage Santa which I've downloaded. Thank you Lori :)
    Lisa x

  4. This looks great, Lori! We're so excited to see how this turned out, and we're so glad we get to work with you on this!

    -Ashleigh, Craftistas

  5. Oh, Thank you Lori, for the cutest vintage Santa, ever! I just love him. This is so sweet of you. The whole project is darling. Love the polka dot burlp bag and that stencil is genius. I can't wait to print my new vinatge Santa and make something special. Hugs, Laura

  6. Abslutely gorgeus Lori, and waht a unique and incredible freebie, my friend,

  7. I just love burlap and how you've decorated it Lori, looks really superb!
    Ira’s Crea Corner


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