Sunday, January 10, 2016

Pom This, Pom That!

Does that need a pom?  Does this need a pom?   I think it does!  Silly, but fun...  Pom poms are adorable!  I've got to make more...

After I created this kitty valentine, I just had to add a yarn pom pom, right?  I tied it around a heart sucker.   Love this kitten from Collective Creation.  What do you think about the pun?

I also added a pom pom to this wonderful door hanger for my teacher friend, Souna.  You might remember the one I made for her for the beginning of school HERE.

A pom pom just made it right cheery, don't you think?  Not that the snowman needs  much help, he's pretty much bright and cheery all on his own!  He's from J&G Design.

Here's a quick tutorial on pom pom making:

I used a fork to make one the right size for the lollipop.  I used four fingers to make the one for the snowman.  

Then start wrapping.  This is about 20 times around.  Keep going...

For the fork size, I wrapped it about 65 times.  For the four finger size, I wrapped it 100 times.  You can just use a piece of the yarn to tie it, in this case I used twine.  I poked through the bottom middle of the fork and up around the back of the yarn and loosely tied it.

Slip it off the fork and tie it TIGHT in a knot.  Cut the loops all the way around.

See how scraggily it is?  Cut and cut and cut and cut and cut some more to turn it into a pom pom!   If you just want the pom, you can cut off the  twine pieces.  I wanted to keep them to tie the pom to the sucker stick.

It takes a lot of trimming to get it into pom pom style!

Stay tuned:  Another challenge starts this coming weekend!

Now, go POM something....


  1. How cute are them?? ...Surely soooo much!!!!!:D They make me smile!!! Such a clever idea adding little pom poms to the card and the hanger, they look very well!!Thanks for the tutorial step by step, it seems easy! Your makes are very sweet and love the little cat!

  2. cute Lori! I love the kitty valentine! and.. love to make pompoms! happy new year !

  3. Both of these are super cute! The kitty is especially adorable! The pompom looks so fun!

  4. What super dinky little pompoms. I would never have thought of using a fork to make these cuties - TFS.
    Toni xx

  5. Adorable my dear! And love the Pom poms!

  6. I love anything with poms and your projects are so cute! The fork method of making a pom is great.

  7. Pom Pom Here - Pom Pom there - Here a Pom - There a Pom - Everywhere a Pom Pom. Well I just could not help myself Lori! I especially love the snowman. Would it be possible to make little pom poms for his ear muffs? So cute!
    sandy xx

  8. love this kitty card!
    so cute!
    and this snowman is so cute!

    Bad Kitty's Craftroom

  9. You use the very best color combinations. I love seeing that vibrant orange fork for the beautiful pink pom pom and yes...that sentiment is hilarious!! Pom poms really do make the world a prettier place. Love seeing your crafty self and what you've been up to.

  10. ♥ your projects! I just went and bought yarn today to make pom poms for some projects I have in mind and then I see your post! Can't wait to see what else you are creating.

  11. Beautiful project Lori, guess who's going to make some pompoms, need to get some wool though..x.

  12. So cute!! I think the pom pom is perfect! and I LOVE the hanging!

  13. Adorable! I remember making pom poms!! Why don't I do it any more... I mean... everything could be better with a pom pom!! Maybe I'll add one to my Valentines Challenge project... hmmmmmmmm....

  14. These are just darling! I never think to make pom poms--they're just so sweet!

  15. Fabulous and love those little tiny pom poms! Great idea to use a fork! TFS


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