Sunday, December 11, 2016

It's All About the Smiles!

"You're doing the same thing you've always done:  bringing smiles - joy - to others.  Just in a different way."   A good friend told me that about seven years ago.  

Your body releases endorphins when you smile, (even a forced one!), which improves your mood and relieves stress.  

Well, you won't need three guesses to guess my mood this weekend while visiting Baby Louisa (aka Honey Girl).  I was drunk on smiles, hers and mine! 

I had quit teaching when my good friend (and mom of one of my first graders) gave me her sage advice.  Yes, she was trying to make me feel better when I told her that I felt like I was no longer doing anything important.  She did make me feel better, although I did roll my eyes at her!

I found myself thinking about her advice this weekend and although my creations are no comparison to Louisa, they still make me smile.   Blogging is a great way to give and receive smiles.  Who knew that through sharing, we are improving moods and relieving stress!

Thank you for sharing with me and letting me share with you!

You probably already know that this image with a sweet, happy girl and a cat (black!) is a smile magnet for me. 

And just in case your endorphins are spiking, I've got her as a download for you below.

I used my new sponge brayers on the background.  Also check out my new Woodware Snowflakes stamp.  The snowflakes are really pretty (and I have a very limited number of snowflake stamps available in my etsy store.)

Thank you so much to all of the lovely ladies who share their inspiration with us - talk about endorphins going crazy!  I so enjoyed every one of the three Visions of Sugarplums days.

Thank you, too, to all of you who shared the three days with all of us.  Hope you enjoyed a smile or two or three!   Maybe you still have Visions of Sugarplums dancing in your head!

And of course, a big thank you to all of the sponsors who so generously supported Visons of Sugarplums!

Winners:  Contact me by email ASAP to claim your prize.  You can click my email in the sidebar (  

Drumroll, please!  The Visions of Sugarplums 2016 winners are:

Scrappamondo:  The Cutting Café :   Orange You Cute Kit

Rebecca Yahrling:  Paper Sweeties:  $25 gift certificate

Jo Jo's Scrap Shack:Lawn Fawn:  $25 gift certificate

cm:  Pretty Pink Posh:  $25 gift certificate

Fiki:  The Funkie Junkie Boutique:  $25 worth of new Tim Holtz Christmas Idea-ology Products

Carol from LaCrosse:  Birch Press Design:  $20 gift certificate

Jennifer Scull:  The Twinery:  Sample Pack

Congratulations, winners (you're smiling, right?)!  Wish I could give everyone a prize!

 Download Winter Pals HERE.

Dropbox works differently for different people.  Either right click and save when image appears or click the download button in the top right corner.  If neither method works, email me and I'll send the files to you.

I want to take just a moment to share this card from Greta.  (There go those endorphins again!)  Thank you so much, Greta, for making me such an adorable baby card - it makes me smile!

Have a wonderful week and smile all you can (even if you have to occasionally force it)!


  1. Oh, wow!! I smiled from the beginning of your post, your words and those of your friend are so right and sweet! Smiling is really a fabulous medicine, and sharing sweetness and smiles is a little piece of heaven...I agree with you! And babies are magicians to give smiles!! And baby animals too!
    But when I came to the end of your post and read my name as the winner of the fabulous prize of The Cutting Cafè - oh my!! Such a wonderful surprise! - my smile have gone from an ear to the other one!! :D Wow! I'm super-lucky!!! Thank you very much!! My endorphins are just going all around! LOl :D
    I will send you a mail soon!!
    Your supercute shaker card is a true delight with that little girl and the black kitten! Thanks for sharing this image! The whole design is so sweet and really brings a smile!! Lovely background with fresh colour, fabulous snowflakes and frame!
    Also Greta's baby card is a delight!! Thanks for sharing her creation!
    Oh, I smile a lot this evening!! :D

  2. Yay - happy dance & smiling here in So. Florida.
    Congrats to all the other winners, too. :-) I'll get an email over to you!

  3. I agree about what you said in your post.... smiles are wonderful and contagious - and making cards make me happy as does seeing other projects made by other crafters! :) Your card is super cute with that sweet vintage image.... And YES!!! Babies always make me smile too! So I totally get it when you say that beautiful grandbaby of yours keeps you grinning from ear to ear! :) Congrats to ALL the winners as well! :) Have a great Week Lori! :)

    Theresa’s Crafty Creations

  4. Lori, your friend shared wonderful advice with you and I agree 200%: smiles are good for the spirits of both the smiler and the smilee (my two new made up words today)! As the previous commenters mentioned: smiles are the easiest things to 'pay forward' in brightening someone's day, lifting a gloom, bringing a sparkle to the eyes! Loved hearing about your time with your darling grand-daughter and your card is so incredibly sweet! Greta's baby card is precious; absolutely precious! Thank you for the amazing Visions of Sugarplums series; talent shared and inspiration galore by the bucketsful! I'm thrilled to see my name as the oh-so-lucky winner of the Pretty Pink Posh gift certificate, made all the more special because I don't have any of Paulina's products in my collection (I know...crazy!)! Thank you for remedying that! Smiling? Oh yes...of the mega-watt variety!

  5. We are so on the same page, Lori--wish we could be "in person" friends. You're so right about the blessings of crafty blogging--something I never imagined, but now cannot imagine not having in my life. Glad you got to spend some more time with sweetie pie, Louisa! The VOSP talent was incredible--pretty much out of my league, but hopefully I provided some inspiration to the hoppers. Thanks so much for the honor of including me, Lori, & sweet of you to show the baby card. Happy Holidays & wishing you a great week! Congrats to the winners!

    1. And as always--your project is so darling! Made me smile, for sure!

  6. oh my... shaker... adorable! Snowflakes... so .. many... beautiful.. snowflakes! Winners... Yay and congrats!!! Thanks for all of the fun, Lori!!

  7. What a wonderful darling card. It did make me smile when I saw it. You are happy when you create these wonderful things and it spills over when you share it here. You are doing something very important: spreading joy. It need not be confined to a classroom. Yes, teaching little ones is a wonderful ministry. But God's plan will work wherever he places us. Enjoy what you are doing and never feel like it doesn't have enough worth. I think when we are full of joy it pleases God and glorifies him. And that is why he created man in the first place, for his glory. HE is the MASTER creator and when we create pretty things aren't we in a small way imitating him?

  8. Congrats to all the winners. Love shaker creation. She is just adorable.

  9. Love your shaker card, Lori!! Sweet adorable image with the kitten and gorgeous snowflakes!! Ah, your post hits home to me at times since I'm now retired as a nurse just two years ago. I became more active in my church and continue with card making, etc. Our card making/projects gift is truly a blessing from God! We do bring smiles to many. And, you certainly do, Lori! You truly are valuable to many and I'm sure your family! You are an inspiration to so many! Enjoy precious little Louisa! You take care and Merry Christmas to you and family!!

  10. AS always Lori.. adorable! and yes.. you create smiles! I hope you have a delightful christmas!

  11. All I know is that I am definitely smiling every time I visit with you, my friend! Your projects are just SO sweet! LOVE this adorable vintage image and LOVE your fun shaker card! It doesn't get any cuter.... except maybe a few moments with baby Louisa! <3

  12. very Beautiful card!
    love it!
    lots of hugs!

  13. oh my goodness, does your precious card EVER make me smile! it is adorable! and your friend was so correct. :)

    thank you for your wonderful printables you so kindly share. and thank you for your fun blog hops, too. :)

    I am tickled pink to see my friends listed as winners! and so surprised to learn I am one as well! thank you!!!! I'll be in touch shortly.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  14. LOVE LOVE your post Lori!!!! Your right about the smiling :-) I will make more of an effort to smile even more! I'm so glad you got to visit baby Louisa !!! That is the best smile of all!!!!!Your card is so stinking adorable!!!!

  15. Super sweet post and I agree about making people smile! You certainly do, Lori! I love to see what you've made! You have the sweetest vintage images that you lovingly share - thank you so much! You know I love kitties! Your shaker card is absolutely adorable! LOVE it! And congrats to all of the winners - so happy to see some of my favourite friends' names there! I actually forgot all about the hop with everything going on!


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