Monday, July 10, 2017

Spotlight Technique + Adorable Bear Couple

Today is a good day to be happy!  We just moved Louisa and her mommy and daddy back to Wichita!!!  Now it will be so much easier (and cheaper).  Just a two hour drive as opposed to waiting at the airport, flying to Denver, taking a train and then an uber for a total of about 4 to 5 hours depending on traffic.  I AM THRILLED.

Just finished up this card with that adorable bear featuring the Spotlight Technique.  I ran a circle die through my machine on a plain sheet of cardstock, laid that over my stamped picture and just colored within the circle with my copics.   What a cool technique!


Created a little tag to match the bear's basket and popped that on with some pretty twine.

You can just see the back of the decorated envelope in the first pic.  I think this is a cute and easy way to tie the envelope to the card inside.

When I finished up the Spotlight card, I remembered that I also had this cute bear couple waiting around for me.  I also have a bunch of string-tie envelopes that I rediscovered during the major upheaval to turn my craft room into a nursery.  Or a least, get enough room to have a crib in there.

I created a piece of stationery to go along with the bears and a sentiment too.  Then I duplicated the little flower bouquet to use on the front.  Got lucky that I remembered that cute little bear stamp and colored it to match the little teddy the girl bear is holding.

You can download the Cute Bear Couple with stationery sheet, flowers, and sentiment HERE.

Dropbox seems to work differently for different people.  Either right click and save when image appears or click the download button in the top right corner.  If neither method works, email me and I'll send the files to you.

So here's wishing you a good day to be happy!   In fact, make it a good week!


  1. Such cute images Lori - beautiful makes.
    Toni xx

  2. Absolutely adorable cards! Love the spotlight coloring technique! Such a cool idea!

  3. How wonderful to have your daughter and family so much closer to you! I'm thrilled for you. We don't have grands but our son and dil lived about 7 hours from us; then they moved to TX and it's 14 hours. I don't fly and driving that far is hard b/c we are getting older. Our daughter and sil only live 2 miles from us; and for that I am thankful. Your card is adorable and I love the spotlight technique. Thanks for sharing it here.

  4. what a sweet set of cards!! so happy to hear that your little louisa is much closer to you now... so fun!!

  5. Your bear cards are simply adorable, Lori!! And, how exciting for your daughter and family to be back in Wichita!! I'm sure that makes you one happy Mom/Grandma!!:-))

  6. Such SWEET projects, Lori! You always make the most precious things! I adore your card with the spotlight coloring. Love your scene and the little matching tag, too. Love that you snazzied up the envelope to match. And your little envelope notecard idea is super adorable, as well. Love it all!
    Soooooo happy for you that your daughter and family have moved so much closer to you! What an occasion to celebrate!

  7. I have seen the spotlight technique where the circle is cut out but I like this idea better, very pretty way to have a more flat card for mailing, your coloring is terrific, love the texture on the bear!! Love those vintage bears, such a sweet bear and love how you have decorated both envelopes to go with the sweet cards!!
    So happy for you that your family is moving closer to you!! Our Daughter and son in law are moving from our area (Southern Illinois) to Connecticut, I am so sad :(

  8. LOVE both of these...the spotlight... something I haven't tried yet... love it and nothing better than a bear riding a bicycle... so sweet! And those sweet little bears ... love those envelopes! Great find! And YAY to family coming closer... if only I could get mine closer... so happy for you!

  9. Hi Lori! I'm finally back from vacation! I had a blast & made some special memories with my boys! Glad to be home of course & hopefully I'll get to craft this weekend! Just wanted to stop by & let you know I'll be back to checking out your blog again! :) Your card is Adorable! I think bears are so cute & on a bike no less.... even cuter!! :) I was so excited to read your daughter, SIL & grand baby moved back home! Your visits with that beautiful granddaughter of yours will be more & more frequent I bet! YAY for you!!! And ummm them too! hahaha.. enjoy every minute of it! :) Have a wonderful day!

    Theresa’s Crafty Creations

  10. Just look at these wonderful creations. Sweetness abounds. Great job on the spotlight technique and congrats on getting that sweetie pie Louisa closer to home. Hugs!

  11. Oh how exciting to have that precious family closer! I'm really happy for you, Lori! You always amaze me with your creative, beautiful projects! I've never done the spotlight technique quite that way--love it! The envelope & stationary are just over the top! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  12. How wonderful that your daughter and family is going to be closer! Darling projects as always. Have you seen this new line by Prima? It has your name written all over it!


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