Sunday, January 14, 2018

Tiny Glitter Heart Valentine Backgrounds

Hi, there!  Oh my goodness, it's been a busy last few weeks.  I wasn't  able to create anything or even take photos of things I'd already made.   We had to get totally new heating and air conditioning in our old 1909 house.  New units, new ducts.  What a mess!  We had crews in our house for 3 weeks and dust and plaster bits everywhere.  

But, I also got to do something fabulous - we had Louisa here for 4 days.  Here we are playing with homemade playdough, sitting at her mommy's old table and chairs.  We got to be with her every day for over a week.  Three days in Savannah, here for 4 days, and then back to Savannah for a couple of days.  Complete joy!  Our house seems to be missing a little something or I should say a little someone!

I finally got started on Valentines.  I've got to get busy, so I can get photos sent out to all my customers.   This one is designed for Louisa.  One of her first words is "Rawr!"  Totally adorable, shakes her head and growls.  It started with a little tiny stuffed lion that her mommy would show her and roar.  She started roaring and then would roar at lions in books.  When we were leaving from OKC Airport, there was a huge banner for one of our local collages who's mascot is a lion.  She saw it and "rawred" at the top of her lungs - seriously she was the hit of Will Rogers World Airport!

Love this adorable lion.  It's an old stamp from SandyLion.  I love the paper too.  It's not old - it's a new digital paper set.  It's listed below in the supplies. 

I decided I wanted to add a little sparkle and tiny pink glitter hearts were required.  Who knew that would be such a pain?  More about this matter and how I solved it later...

I made an envelope from 22 lb copy paper with one of the patterns from the digital paper set and cut a heart from sticker paper to use for the closure.  

I adore this vintage valentine!  I'm calling her French Valentine Girl.  Who knows if she's French?  I'm just going with the white wig being French...  She's ready for you to download below.

Of course, the background needed a little sparkle!  She got the heart treatment as well as a panel (frame?) of tinsel glitter.

Super easy to create the panel of glitter.  I really like using good old Glue-All and a paint brush for glitter.  The glue's not too thick and all these years has worked beautifully.  

The blue tape helps with the straight lines.  Just peel it off.

Okay, now for those pesky little glitter hearts.  I first thought I would try Sticky Embossing Powder. I couldn't get the glitter to stick to it at all.  (I don't want to say this product doesn't work, because I've seen videos where it obviously does.  Does the glitter have to be the same brand or something?  Anyway, it did not work for me!)  

Next, I tried Stick It Adhesive sheets which is a great product for sticking intricate die cuts to cards.  These hearts were so small that I couldn't get the backing off without ruining the delicate adhesive.

Then I remembered my Be Creative Tape.  The problem here is that it doesn't have release paper on both sides.  I tried freezer paper and that worked pretty well, but I still had problems getting the release paper off without ruining the adhesive.

So, what I finally did was adhere a regular piece of copy paper to the Be Creative Tape, die cut the hearts and glue the tiny hearts to the decorative paper, peel off the release paper and pour on glitter.  It worked!  Any other ideas?

The Be Creative Tape is available in various sizes.  I've linked this size below (which is really too expensive), but Simon Says Stamp has all the other sizes, too.  They have the sheets, too, which I think would be even better.

Download French Valentine Girl HERE.

I guess I'll have to post my Christmas projects throughout the first part of 2018.  I also know that I've promised a video from Visions of Sugarplums and I'll get on that too.  

Hope you had  a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  1. Baby Louisa always puts a smile on my face, such delightful baby!! :) And I laugh so much for her "roar" :D The lion on the card with its envelope looks so cute and sweet and surely it's just perfect for her!! And the French car is just delightful! Thanks for sharing your experiments and for the download of this beautiful image!

  2. those are so wonderful!
    very nice photo!

  3. You do have the sweetest images, Lori! The French Valentine girl is darling & so is the lion! All your efforts were worth it--love the backgrounds! I can only imagine the airport with Louisa roaring when she saw the lion picture! Maybe the school should bring her to their games--haha! She is a cutie & how wonderful to have all that time with her! Glad the new system is in. We remodeled when we came here & it was so much worse than just building a house with all the mess!

  4. Gosh Lori, what a lot going on. How lovely to be able to spend some time with Louisa but not so enjoyable having all that building work.
    The makes are adorable.
    Toni xx

  5. Oh, such sweet images and projects, Lori!! How wonderful to have time with your darling granddaughter, Louisa!! I can relate some to the remodeling mess for my son is remodeling our bathroom. He makes the mess and I clean up all the dust. But, I guess he's doing the hard work, lol! But, glad your new system is in and I'm sure it's worth it now that it's all done! Take care and have a wonderful week!

  6. Oh my, how cute Lori! I always download your sweet images. I just LOVE these soft, sweet cards you've created with them. Thanks for the free images once again. They're always just the most adorable, and I'll definitely put them to good use.

    I'm curious....I never saw a winner for the VOSP Challenge. I saw the winners from the VOSP Blog Hop and I was thrilled to win some more adorable images from Amy. But there's been no word of the Mama Elephant winner. Just thought I'd ask about that.

    Thanks again,

    1. Thank you for reminding me, Sierra! I'll put it in my next post, but the winner selected by InLinkz was Greta!

  7. What a sweet post, Lori! I know you had such a wonderful time with that adorable grandbaby of yours! Love the lion roar stories! Louisa is simply as cute as can be. I know she will absolutely love her little lion Valentine. Your projects always make me smile from ear to ear! Great tips with the glitter application....that lose glitter is such a bear to work with... ❤️

  8. Super cute cards Lori! Love all the hearts and sweet images! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Your little one is simply adorable, and I can just imagine how much enjoyment you got from spending quality time with her. The card is delightful and perfect for valentine's day as well. I have had trouble lately finding that larger size of B-Creative - and I find it works better for me than some of the other sticky papers like this I've tried. I've got the tape in most of the sizes and find it invaluable. I've never tried the glue as you described, so thanks for that tip. Just became your newest follower, and appreciate your visit to my blog so I could find your blog. TFS & hope you're staying warm in OK. We have a friend in Miami, and he's had some pretty intense cold weather.

  10. Love your roar card
    and story! Your French
    lady is darling!
    Carla from Utah

  11. these are too cute, i love that little lion, i bet your granddaughter is too cute when she does her rawr. I bet it is nice to have an up to date heating system!

  12. WOW Lori! Sounds like you've had a mess going on for weeks! The best part of that story was Louisa coming to stay for 4 days! EEK! How fun that must have been for you! :) Your cards are so pretty and I like the glitter on the hearts - Honestly I don't know what you could have done differently.... Some glitters seam to stick better than others - or that's from my experience anyway - Love both projects! Have a great day!


  13. Louisa is absolutley a doll. Looks like she was enying the visit. Both cards are too cute. Love the adorable lion and really love the French Valentine Girl. The glitter was the perfect touch. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment.


  14. your valentine's are so incredibly sweet, but that little Louisa absolutely steals the show!!! total cuteness!!

  15. Nothing like trial and error huh. LOL Great tip and two fabulous cards. I can just picture Louisa in the airport roaring. :-) hugs!

  16. OMGoodness Louisa is getting so big, and adorable!!! I'm so happy you got to spend a week with here yay!! Not so happy about the new heating.air unit....I bet it costs a pretty penny :-( Super cute cards too!!!!

  17. Beautiful! Loved reading about your process and trail and error with the glitter hearts... and that lion... omg... what a cutie .. and i can just see that rawr moment and the airport... awesome!


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