Sunday, July 22, 2018

Watermelon Treat Bags and Cards + Printable and Video

Boy, is it hot!  The humidity has been so high  - it's miserable.  Oh well, after all it is summer.  One good thing that summer brings is watermelon.  Why not make a watermelon treat bag and card or two?

This watermelon treat bag is made with circle dies.  Super easy!

You can find the sentiment and watermelon seeds as a printable below.

The card is made basically the same way.  Love that it's the shape of watermelon.

Check out the video to see just how easy the bag and card are to make:

The video also shows how to make this printable gusseted watermelon treat bag.  Just print, cut, score and glue.  So cute and easy peasy.

I couldn't stop with just three watermelon projects.  I had to make this card, too!  I"ve had a lot of fun with these capital and lower case script stamp sets.  I flicked some pink and green watercolor on it after I finished stamping it.  I was afraid that it would make the words bleed, but I lucked out!

Download the Watermelon Treat Bag HERE.

Download the Watermelon Sentiments and Seeds HERE.

Louisa's new favorite summertime activity:  watering flowers (the bricks and herself) with Grandpa.  

So glad you stopped by...


  1. These are just super cute creations. It is miserably hot but these look cool. Thank you for the sentiment and seeds.
    . [Bunny]

  2. I ate some watermelon today! It's my favourite summer fruit, or is it a vegetable? These are all adorable, Lori! It's hot and humid here as well, no air-conditioning, so it's pretty bad! Thanks for the fun freebies!

  3. How fun and cute idea!! Your treat bags looks adorable, especially that slice made with the circle, wow!! Just perfect for Summer and so sweet!! Thanks for sharing! I saw the video and it's really easy to do with your tricks! Thanks for the funny sentiments too!!
    ... But the sweetest is always Baby Louisa!!! :D Enjoy your time with her! ;)

  4. Hi Lori!! It's Super HOT & Humid here too! I live out West were it's suppose to be a DRY HEAT! NOPE! Not this year! It's Monsoon season so we get the humidity and Rain Daily and it's like 107 outside.. So FUN! UGH! I dislike Summer! hahahaha I hope it cools down for you too - I LOVE the watermelon set! it's super cute - the treat bag is adorable and I like the soft pink & green you used... Louisa is adorable! I hope you enjoy your time with her! Have a great week! :)


  5. Hi Lori wow such beautiful work my friend and what a lovely family pic xx

  6. These treat containers are so sweet and cheerful, and perfect for summer! Thanks for sharing the d/l to make them! Sweet pic of Louisa with Grandpa too :)

  7. Oh, such awesome projects with watermelons, Lori! So super cute and wonderful sentiments! But, the real super cutie is Louisa helping Grandpa watering the precious!!

  8. Oh my goodness--that picture of Louisa & grandpa is such a treasure! I can only imagine all the joy she brings to your lives! The watermelon projects are so adorable, Lori--perfect for summer!

  9. Your gift set is so pretty and just perfect for summer, sorry your having such HOT weather, we are getting a little break finally from it, normal hot now :)
    I bet your enjoying your little granddaughter, it is so fun to see them explore things at that age, they can play with water for a long time :)

  10. wow...i really, really love this. you are so kind and generous to include the printables.

    it's pretty darn hot here in new jersey, i went out today and discovered i was melting ;)

    the last picture is great, what a cutie!!

  11. i'm pretty sure you have inspired me......

  12. Precious! The gingham and polka dot papers are so cute together and they just scream summer.

  13. So unbelievably ADORABLE, Lori! WOW - great projects for summer treats! Thank you for sharing your beautiful inspiration and creativity :)


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