Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Louisa is 2!

Louisa loves Kitty!  "Where's Kitty?" is the first thing she asks when I go get her out of her crib in the morning.  He's so patient with her and will even follow her around.  She likes to give him pretend tea.  I don't know what he thinks!

So we had a black cat themed birthday party for Louisa.  Which is also perfect since her birthday is so close to Halloween.  We just used pink and teal as the accent colors instead of orange.

Here's a look at the buffet top.  

Strawberry cake and black cat sugar cookies!  Yummy.  We ate cake at the party and sent cookies home with everyone in the little cat bags.  I found the cute black cat bags at Target.
The cat face made an easy decoration for the top of the cake.

Here's Louisa enjoying her cake at her little table (which used to be her mommy's).

I added bows and party hats to black cats and made a tiny card with cat buttons.

I wanted to use the cat buttons, because Louisa loves playing with all my buttons.  She sorts them, carries them around and calls out the colors.  I think her favorite activity is deliberately dropping them on the floor, saying "Oh, no!" and wanting us to help pick them up!

We had so much fun at Louisa's birthday party!  

She was adorable when my mom and dad left: they said "Bye!" and she said, "Happy Birthday to you!"


  1. What precious pictures! Louisa is just so adorable! Amazing party--cake, cookies, bags, card--perfectly done, of course! You always amaze me, Lori!

  2. Oh, time flies so fast, already two years!! Happy Happy Birthday to Princess Louisa!!!! :D How delightful birthday party for her, full of black cats and sweetness!! Your tiny card looks adorable, LOVE the fun stamped cats inside and those cute buttons on the front! I'm very impressed by the first shot, how beautiful scene seeing Louisa posing with her cat! Just sweetness!! I think you have to keep this photo in an album, it's really fabulous!

  3. A big Happy Birthday to Louisa!! Looks like a fun sweet time! Adorable black cat themed party! A beautiful yummy cake, gift bags, and darling sweet card! A perfect party for little Louisa, so precious!!

  4. SO SO sweet! What a beautiful birthday setting and what an adorable little Louisa! Love those cute little cards!! Those buttons! And that gorgeous cake! Love it all! I really want a cookie right now..

  5. so much attention to detail, everything is so beautiful. i love the theme!!

  6. Your granddaughter is such a cute little princess! Adorable! And this cake...wow!
    Happy Birthday to her and Happy Halloween for you!
    Hugs, Susi

  7. What a delightful party you planned for Louisa! That cake is AMAZING and I love the black cat on top. Louisa looks like such a refined little lady eating her cake with a fork too! The table setting was wonderful and a very happy 2nd birthday to a sweet little girl who loves her black kitty :)

  8. Oh she is just too adorable and such wonderful decorations for the party, such cute ideas. I bet she just loved every moment, don't they say the cutest things.

  9. What a sweet little Louisa...fabulous photos and it sure looks like someone put a lot of love into that black cat themed party.Treasured memories for sure. Thank you for visiting my blog Lori.

  10. I'm sure glad I decided to pop in today Lori - Louisa is absolutely adorable. I sure wish I could have been at her party - that cake looks fabulous - you are the best grandma ever!!
    Sandy xx

  11. Ooh, how Precious is she! Happy, Happy Birthday Louisa!! What an adorably set up! Looks like she had a wonderful time!!!


  12. Happy birthday Louisa!
    these are so nice photos!

  13. Can't believe she's two already. Wow! Your party scheme was precious. What else could you do but black cats for the little kitty lover.

  14. I would have LOVED Louisa's party since I adore cats and have a black kitty of my own! LOVE all of the details and Louisa is just GORGEOUS!

  15. Omgoodness, she is SO precious! What a fabulous birthday spread you put together! So perfectly themed for your sweet girl who loves black cats! <3

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