Saturday, February 13, 2010

Welcome to the Vintage Valentine Card Party!

Happy Valentine's Day and welcome to the party! I've posted a couple of vintage valentines from my collection. Feel free to use them in your paper art. Both of them were purchased here in OKC at an antique store we frequent. I love vintage valentines! Just looking at them gives me joy!

I'm also having a give away. Have you ever purchased two of the same thing? Amazingly, I've done it more than once! Anyway, several weeks ago I was opening things I had purchased from Michaels (two separate trips), when I noticed I had two of the same Martha Stewart heart punch. Good grief...couldn't even remember purchasing the first one!

The one on the left I've been using...the one on the right hasn't been used at all. I would like to give it away. If you're interested in winning my extra Martha Stewart heart punch leave me a comment and I'll randomly pick a winner. Since Joan is leaving the links up for a week, I'll post the winner next Sunday.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. ooooh, i'd love to win that heart punch!! the cards you showed are so cute!! i love the teacher one:)

    valentine cards for kids today, are just NOT the same:(


    happy ♥ day!

  2. Thanks for sharing such sweet valentines! I snagged the first one! I would love to win your forgotten punch too! Happy valentine's Day to you and yours, I hope it's a great day!

  3. Cute cards. I really like the second one.

    I only have a couple of Martha's punches, and I'd love a chance to win the heart. Please sign me up!

    And pop on over to my blog to see the cards I've posted if you get the chance (Noteworthy Musings). :-)

  4. You have a teacher Valentine too ~ another gal participating has a few! I forgot all about the teacher Valentine's! Very generous of you to give away the punch rather than return it to the store. Happy Valentine's Day! Judi

  5. Count me in, I'd love to have the punch. Also, your cards are adorable, and thank you for sharing them.


  6. I just bought one of Martha's punches for the first time....I love it! This would be a wonderful one to add to my new colelction! Her punches seem really well made...please add my name to the list! Happy Valentines Day! Sandy

  7. I'd love to win that 1...I'm hoping those go on sale tomorrow at Michael's. that makes the sweetest heart punch out.

    check my give-away:

  8. That first Valentine is the sweetest thing!! Loved it! What a neat giveaway...I'd love to be entered! Have a great Valentines Day!

  9. Adorable cards, thanks for sharing! I would love to win the punch! Happy Day!

  10. Thanks for sharing Valentine cards! Love to have a chance at winning the punch. thanks!!

  11. Love the card with the girl whose eyes are huge. Such wonderful old graphics!

    I seem to buy the same thing more than once myself, but this isn't something I have so I would love to win'

    And the links will be up and i hope lots of people come to enter!

    xo Joan, your hostess

  12. Don't worry I have done the same. That is what happens when you let your sewing room become such a mess that you don't know what you have. Honestly, each time I clean it up, I am truly amazed at what treasures I actually have. Please sign me up for your giveaway. I don't have that heart punch.

  13. I wanted to let you know that I featured one of your Valentines in my "favorites" post about the Vintage Valentine Card Party. xo Joan

  14. What a beautiful punch! I'd love to win it.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. Oh my goodness the little googly eyed girl is so darling! Thank you for sharing her!

    Cathy ♥


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