Monday, January 17, 2011

Candy Cone

I've been wanting to make a candy cone ever since our trip to Paris and I saw some in a shop window. 
 I decorated this one with a Godey's Fashion plate.  Isn't she pretty?
  It will be easy to add a little tag to the could say "Mom" or "Friend" or someone's name. 
 I wanted to add a little more red, kind of connect the top to the bottom, so I added a little red chandelier drop. 
 Now, do you know of any fancy wrapped candies that would be perfect for the inside?  I may have to do some looking...


  1. That is such a prettyg project Lori; love the vintage image on it and the flower!! Hugs, Frea

  2. Such a beautiful candy cone!! You are perfect in creating beautiful vintage-shabby chic crafts!!

  3. If only that little candy stall at the Rue Blanche Métro station had an Oklahoma City location! I can still smell the scent of warm sugar. Definitely the best-smelling métro station in Paris! (Not that it would be difficult.)

    I think you need a copy of Candy Hits by Zasu Pitts.

  4. It's beautiful! Love the vintage image!

  5. Oh my Lori, such an exquisite creation! Just love your candy cone! You might try some jelly beans for the inside? Or how about no candy but some very small soaps or small bags of bath salt? Have a great evening, Ira x

  6. So Beautiful.. Love every detail!
    Hope you are having a happy day!


  7. Your candy cone is gorgeous. Elegant and classy. Very very pretty!!

  8. What talent!! Very pretty.

    Following you!

  9. Cute blog and adorable creations!

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  10. What a pretty blog you have!! Thanks so much for stopping by The House on the Corner ~ I'm following back!

  11. So great, I LOVE it! Following back from the hop!


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