Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Window Cards at The Cutting Cafe

Hi, there!  Regina, from The Cutting Cafe, has created a new blog.  In celebration, Regina's having a give away!  Go the the blog for all the details and leave a comment on this post.   Also, be sure to check out the window cards from the store:  they include butterflies, stars, flowers, shapes, numbers...   I used the bracket shape to create this birthday card. 
 I had a couple of requests for guy birthday cards.  After I finished this, I thought "Oh, boy...it's got glitter!"  I ran and asked Dennis his opinion.  "It's fine," he says.  "Judicious use of glitter."  Okay, I'm going with that!  Let's hope the other guys can go with it, too!


  1. Oh, not that much glitter... bet it won't matter at all. It's a great masculine card!

  2. I am reaching for my dictionary as we speak, that's a term I've never heard of in terms of crafting!

  3. OMG it is perfect...everything you do is PERFECT...your so good...hugs

  4. Well I just love it.. Glitter and all.. I think any guy would be lucky to receive this.

    Hope you are having an awesome day
    my friend.

    Hugs, Linda

  5. I didn't know you were capable of a "judicious use" of glitter! We always come home covered in it! And poor kitty... :-)

  6. Cool! It's an absolutely masculine card with great colours!!

  7. I smiled at "Judicious use of glitter." Perfectly worded. This is a card that I could give to my stepdad and he'd definatly keep it. Well done.

    Holidays with your blog are the best because I feel even more festive.


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