Monday, September 12, 2011

With Gratitude at The Cutting Cafe

With Gratitude is an awesome new set from The Cutting Cafe.  While I put this little hodge-podge Gratitude book together, I reflected on some of the things I'd like to write about or pictures that I'd like to put in it.   I know I've said before that I've lived in a happy home my whole life and sometimes I just take that for granted.  
 A little book like this is perfect to remind me what wonderful people surround me... my parents,  my husband, daughter, her husband and his family (who are now our family), to people I see at work each day and also to people out there in blog land who leave such sweet comments.  I couldn't be luckier!  The With Gratitude set comes with lots of sentiments to inspire your journal.  
The sweet little girl is sharing one and then another on the banner.  The journal cards have space for journaling and pictures and also have another sentiment from the set. 
 I certainly went hodge-podge on this.  See that sweet View-Master pocket? 
When I take out one of the journal cards, you can see that the reel is in there, too! 
Love the circle sentiments in this set, you see one on the cover and one on the envelope. 

The definition on the last pocket is also part of the set. 
 Got to show the back - that's included, too! 
Whew!  That's a lot of pictures.  The DT will be using the With Gratitude set this week for the inspiration on The Cutting Cafe blog.  Check it out on Wednesday. 


  1. i don't know what to say, i am just speechless...i really don't know...YOUR ONE FANTASTIC DESIGNER...i simply adore this...,hugs

  2. What a wonderful little book, Lori. Truly an inspiration... thank you!

  3. Wow...This is fantastic Lori!!! I love the pockets and tags and 'mess' of it all. Heehee

  4. WOW!!! You have definitely out done your self here.. I just love this. When I saw that view-master I just had to smile..

    Hugs, Linda

  5. Oh wow Lori...this is fantastically awesome girly you make such fabulous this...LOTS!!! ;) Hugs x

  6. That is one amazing book with lovely images and details Lori, it looks absolutely superb!

  7. I really like the shape of the tag that's in there. And the cherry card and hopscotch card are very cute! Yes, we're very lucky to not have debilitating backgrounds, even if it deprives us of childhood sob stories. ;-) Although, my parents laughed at me a lot. So cruel...

  8. This is one awesome project.

  9. They are all gorgeous! Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!

  10. This is fabulous Lori, I love all the pockets, tickets & details :)

  11. This turned out beautifully! You are very talented with the paper crafts!

  12. WooooooW!
    This is REALLY something else! Talk about one heck of a project!
    Funny because I am reading YOUR words but thinking they could easily be mine...its important for us to always remember how good we've got it (even if its been a lot of good, just means more for us to be thankful for and thats never bad!)
    I really adore this and all the killed it for this set!
    Hugs, Leah
    p.s. just shot you an email...

  13. This is a wonderful idea! I love it and all the elements are so interesting...I can't stop looking at it! GREATNESS girlie! :)

  14. Words escape me this is just so fabulous. What a great design idea. I love the idea of a journal to express how thankful you are for things in life. It sure helped me to stop for a moment to reflect on all my blessings. Super job!

  15. I am with Regina ... you are one fantastic designer. Every single detail reveals a most wonderful talent ...

  16. Love it! Thanks for linking up to Things I've Done Thursday!



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