Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Christmas Cracker for The Cutting Cafe

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We are featuring party crackers this week at The Cutting Cafe.  I went with a Christmas cracker.  Regina designed these to work two different ways.  One will slide apart in the middle and one is just open on both ends.  I made this one to only open on the left by tying the right ribbons in a knot.

That way the ribbons on the left can be tied back after emptying the goodies and the recipient still has a darling, intact cracker. 

I also cut two black squares to insert in the ends, that way if I want to fill it with something tiny nothing will fall out!  (Only the square on the right is glued.)

The side is decorated with a horse and sleigh silhouette that is in keeping with the Jingle Bells sheet music. 

I took a picture of the back so you could more easily see the shape of the cracker treat box. I'm sure you'll find that this cute party cracker would work great for many occasions and the design team will have many ideas.  You can see them all on The Cutting Cafe Blog tomorrow.  See you there!


  1. Love both the designs and thank you for sharing them. Your crackers look very classy in the simple colours.

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. These are really great for those of us (me) who feel guilty ripping into a Christmas cracker. I love the sleigh--I really want to go on a sleigh ride sometime.

  3. These are most elegant with the nice music paper Lori! Although I, too, would keep these beauties as ornaments, would be terrified to rip these up!

  4. ditto to what everyone else said, these are amazing, way to cute to rip apart....fantastic

  5. These look amazing my friend.


  6. Your cracker treat box is darling I love the sheet music and Black bows, they are perfect together...



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