Monday, January 28, 2013

Kiss Countdown

Hi, everyone!  Here I am again lamenting on how time flies.  Could January almost be over already??  I had a lovely weekend - hosted one of my parties.   Had a great turnout and now I'm doubly busy getting projects finished!  At the end of the post, I'll share some food pics from the party.

I came across a really cute kiss countdown at Qbees Quest.  She even has a pretty awesome tutorial.  (All her measurements are accurate - I love that!)  I followed her tutorial to create a kiss countdown of my own.  I oriented the box horizontally, instead of vertically and it seems to work well both ways.

It's an amazingly sturdy little box and just perfect for kisses.  I didn't have the same punch that she has to make the doors, so I used a petal card from the Silhouette store and sized it down to  one inch.  My pictures are a little gray, I didn't take them in the best light!   I may need to try to get better pictures...

On Sunday, we served what I'm calling Inside Out Cream Puffs.  I love using our Asian spoons for bite sized desserts.  This is what I came up with so that we could serve our wonderful cream puffs, but in the spoons I love:

And this is red velvet brownies followed by our famous sugar cookies.  I have actually been threatened bodily harm if I ever neglect to serve our sugar cookies - so I have made them a tradition!

Dennis and I also served a strawberry punch.  We love to make ice rings, so Dennis made a strawberry one this time. 

 It was hilarious because it was lopsided and floated around the bowl on its side.  Not quite what we had in mind!  And amazing how easily amused I am...

If you would like a recipe for anything, just email me and I 'll send it off.

Thank you for stopping by - have a wonderful week!


  1. Lori, I love how your kiss calendar turned out. I'm glad you were able to find an alternative way to make the little doors. I also had a look at all that gorgeous food, which also looked like artwork. Thanks for sharing!! :)

  2. super cute little treat box! i love it! the foods are so yummy-looking! thanks for sharing and hope you have a great week! *hugs* and much aloha, steph :)

  3. I'm clapping like a fool here. That kiss countdown box is adorable!! Thanks so much for the link and I love that you flipped it. You have been extremely busy!! OMGOSH...your food pictures are delectable! I love, love, love, sugar cookies, but they never turn out like that. I would love the recipe for that. Do you make your own icing too?
    Thanks for the great inspiration this morning Lori. :)
    Lisa x

  4. Hello I am your newest follower :) Everything looks so sweet...I love those kiss countdown advent boxs!!! Everything looks full of cuteness!

  5. I think a Valentine's "advent" calendar is such a cute idea! Looks like the party was a success even if the ice ring was a bit drunk.

  6. I love your advent calendar. So cute....and YUM! My mouth is watering over all of your goodies pictured.

  7. Your project here is so sweet. You always create the cutest project.. And all that food looks so yummy. Sounds like you had a great time my sweet friend.


  8. Oh my gosh Lori - how I would dearly love to come to one of your parties - do you share you recipes - everything looks so delicious - I want your recipes!!! The kiss countdown box is wonderful but I am still slobbering over your goodies!!

  9. Such pretty, and fun ideas. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Oh that party of yours must have been truly fabulous Lori, couldn't have gone wrong with that gorgeous countdown box and yummy dishes!!

  11. Awesome! Came by from Make It Monday - feel free to visit me too - I'm #62, 111, 113, and 147 so far... :)
    Karen C

  12. OMG Lori,,,,,LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT,,,, I have never seen a Hershey's Kisses I am thinking in a delcious chocolat candy, OMG I want a one,,,, I want a one. You box is amazing and so cute,,,,,,,,,,


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