Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How About A "Choux" Box?

You may have noticed the name of my blog is choux choux.  People ask me about it all the time.  It's pronounced shoo shoo.  It's a french term of endearment - "my little cabbage" -  which is a lot like Americans calling their children sweet little pun'kins.  What is it with fruits and vegetables?  My daughter actually named my blog for me because she thought I made cute little things. 

So now the choux box has been invented.   It's goodies that come in a box from me!  Choux boxes are fun to get - it will be a happy mail day!  Choux boxes are VERY limited.  Only three available this time! Introducing the first choux box:

What do you get in the Easter choux box?  A vintage nut cup basket, a yellow chick, blue seam binding ribbon, vintage floral pin, so sweet flag, cream paper curls - everything you see to make this sweet little Easter basket.  

What does it cost?  $7.95 (+ actual shipping).  

How do you get it?  Email me at that you want one.  First come, first served.  I'll send you a return email.  Pay with Paypal and I'll mail you your Easter choux box. 

I found these darling nut cups in Wichita while visiting my daughter.  They are in great shape and make perfect little Easter baskets.   So glad you stopped by!


  1. HOw cute! and what a good idea! who would love to get a little choux box in the mail!
    have a great night

  2. Adorable!!!! These Choux boxes are so precious and perfect for Easter. Love them Lori :)

  3. What a perfect name for a perfectly sweet, cute little box Lori!

  4. So sweet. I love to here how you named your blog.


  5. This is so sweet Lori and I imagine this cute chick is sitting some delicious jellybeans!!
    Glad you told me the meaning of choux, choux - love it!

  6. I sure wasn't pronouncing it that way, gramps used to call all us girls punkin'. :) Your basket is darling!


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