Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cute Kitten Memo Pad Cover + Free Printable

I like to have cute things around - by my computer, in my craft room, in my office at work.   This sweet project came about because I wanted a cute cover for a memo pad to put on my desk at work.  Something that would be reusable and would make me smile.

I started off by looking at the sweet images at Free Pretty Things for You.  I found a kitty face that seemed just right.

Don't you think I'll smile every time I open this up to write a little note?  I think the kitty looks like it's looking out a window.

This was fairly simple to do and I really like the functionality.

I started with the size of paper I wanted to use.  My memo pad is 3 x 4".  I had some old notebook paper that has been laying around and I cut it up.   My memo is about 1/4" thick. 

Add a chipboard or heavy cardstock back.  PVA glue is great!  It will allow you to peel off a piece of paper at a time.  Very cool!  I got mine from Paper Source.

To figure out the size paper to cut for the cover:

1.  add about 3/8" to the length of the memo 

2.  add the width of the memo pad twice, the thickness of the memo pad, plus 1/2"

Example:  My striped cover measures 4 3/8" x 6 3/4".

I glued my memo holder pocket, but you could also sew it.  You could also turn this the other way by putting PVA glue on the long edge and turning the direction of the pocket.

You can download the cute kitty from Free PrettyThings for You HERE.

I also made a cute card with the kitten, same basic design,though a little larger:

And I wanted to share my mom's crocheted baby pinafore with you.  

Isn't it sweet?  You can see it also had a headband (it's clipped to the dress).  My mom has been crocheting baby blankets and beanies for the children's hospital.  I think this little pinafore would go beautifully with my little deer ensemble from this post.

Hope everything is going your way!


  1. It always takes me a few minutes after I read your posts to gather my senses back together so I can write. I'm always stricken with numbness from the bombardment of talent, cuteness, craftiness. Absolutely love your memo pads you made and the polka dot one is probably my favorite. Seeing the little booties you made siting on the crocheted baby dress with headband nearly made me pass out. That is SO STINKING ADORABLE!!
    Thanks for the early early morning inspiration....loved that post. :)

  2. Gorgeous project Lori and your mother's crocheted baby's dress is gorgeous..Loz

  3. How very sweet this looks Lori, such a darling notebook! And your mom's dress is superb, must have been quite a lot of work and those cute cute booties!
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  4. Love the little kitty notebook! Your mom's crocheted projects are gorgeous too!

  5. That is an adorable kitty. Love the idea of a notebook cover so the paper stays nice and clean.


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