Saturday, July 19, 2014

Get Sprinkled: Free Image + a Winner

I have always loved idioms.  They were one of my favorite things to share with my first graders when I taught.  One of the very first idioms I taught them was :  It's raining cats and dogs.  We would divide our paper in half and draw two pictures:  one side showing the actual words (cats and dogs falling from the sky) and the other side showing what we actually mean when we use the idiom (heavy rain).  

A while back, I lucked into quite a few Agnes Richardson postcards.  When I saw this one with raining cats and dogs, I started laughing and wished I had had it earlier for the first graders to see.  But, I wouldn't have shown it to them until they had done their drawings, wouldn't want to stifle creativity, you know.  And you wouldn't have believed some of the awesome pictures they did!

I thought Get Sprinkled was kind of cute and tied it all together with this inside:

I always think of my daughter, Lauren, wearing her loved Wellies when it rains.  She has been known to dance in the rain (and perhaps down the aisle at Lowe's).  Shhh - don't tell!  

 To download this Agnes Richardson postcard, click HERE.  Or just right click on the image below.

Are you wondering who has won the Christmas in July present?   Thank you to everyone who played along and left such sweet comments!  The name selected by my husband (old school random) is:

Meghan (littlepinkbike)

Meghan, email me (see email in side bar) with your address and I will get your Christmas in July present off to you on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend and go dance in some rain (if you don't have rain, go dance in the sunshine or maybe in the aisle at Lowe's)!


  1. Congratulations, Meghan!
    Lori, This card is so cute! As creative as you are, I know you were the best Teacher!
    Thanks for the Christmas in July! I have enjoyed all the cuteness! Do you think your little holiday celebration has confused Mother Nature and that is why our days have been so cool and mild? Lol. 70 degree days in July? I don't ever remember a week in Texas where it was this cool in July, but I am loving it! Hugs, Laura

  2. Oh Lori...thank you so much for this fabulous vintage image! I absolutely adored reading your post and just visualizing the images that your first graders would have drawn. Made me think of the prayers that little kids would write. "Dear God please put a holiday between Christmas and Easter. There's nothing good in there." Love to see the frivolity and innocence of this image and that sentiment is just perfect. The sparkles are wonderful!!
    Congratulations to Meghan as well. :)
    Lisa x

  3. Congrats to Meghan.
    This card is adorable Lori. We have been having really heavy thunder storms the last couple of nights so if it happens again tonight, I might just have to go out there and have a little least the rain might cool me down as it is so hot and humid at the moment.
    Toni xx

  4. These are fabulous Lori..Loz

  5. Love the story you told us about you teaching your first graders Lori! And when I saw the image you used on your card, I had a huge smile on my face, too ;-) That would have been most perfect indeed to use at school! Your bright card is wonderfully layered and I just love the colour combo!
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  6. Well, now that the whole internet knows of my proclivities...

    Damn straight I dance in the Lowe's. It's a great way to move things along when Paul's been looking at the same darn bolts for fifteen minutes. Only he seems to have become immune to it.


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