Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fun Organization Labels

Dennis put up some new shelves for me - yay!    So sad, here it is Father's Day weekend and he had to put up shelving and even worse, he had to take me to see Jurassic World yesterday! (By the way, I thought it was okay, but not great.  Not as good as the first one.)

Anyway, I desperately need to reorganize my craft room.  It is just pathetic and looks like a hoarder room!  i've always heard that creative people are messy, but good grief!  Seriously, my craft room is at the next level.  

I picked up some storage boxes at Michaels and began filling them with craft goodies.  I wanted something fun for labeling - not just writing on a piece of paper and poking it into that metal frame.  So...I came up with wrap around flags.  Yeah, takes a little more time than the old poke a piece of paper in the frame - but a lot more fun!  (These are based on some kraft long tail flags I picked up at Michaels a long time ago.)

Here's what I did:

First, I cut a strip 1 1/4 x 7 1/2" long. The point is 3/4" long.   I used the marks to make the top point.

I cut the bottom into a flag tail.

I die cut a 1"diameter starburst for decoration.  After hole punching both layers.  I glittered the starburst and set if aside to dry.

The hard part about the tape is getting a nice miter above the point.  Hard to see on the picture, but I drew a short line (about the width of the tape) from the top point of the flag and cut the tape to match that line.  I got better at at after making a couple!

Make sure to glue the starburst decoration on the opposite side of the flag end glitter.  Now is when to write or stamp the bpx contents on the label.  To make the label easier to attach, curve it with a bone folder.  At this point, hold front of label in place (like it looks on the box) and punch a hole in the back to match.

Slip the end of the label through the frame (may have to use something thin like small scissors to help lift it away from the box to bypass the bottom of the frame).  Use a brad to secure the ends together.  

So fun and the labels look great!  One shelf down, 15 or 20 to go!!

Have a lovely week!


  1. Your boxes look awesome with these tags. I love the glittered edges.

  2. Such pretty tags Lori. I used some kraft parcel tags as I didn't want the 'slot it in the frame' thing either. Yours are much nicer.
    Toni xx

  3. Well I think a lot of us have a hoarder craftroom hehe! But your new labels, boxes, and shelves look fabulous! Hubby did a great job with those shelves! Thanks for sharing how you made the sparkly tags!

  4. Love how your boxes look with the pretty tags. Hummm... sitting here looking at how messy mine all are right now... ugh!

  5. I keep getting your post via email and each time I squeal with excitement (in public or alone; it doesn't matter) but I just love what you create. I'm working on something (which you know about) and I'm having a BLAST. Will report soon.
    Big hugs,

  6. These are so cool! And easy to change if need be. Hubby wants to take me to see Jurassic Park too - think I'll send him on his own LOL! Have a great weekend.


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