Saturday, June 27, 2015

Meet Prudence + Free Printable

Isn't Prudence sweet?  For years now, she's kept space in my craft room, just looking cute sitting on the shelf.  

I moved her to the new shelves that Dennis put in last week.  There she is leaning on a vintage button card.  She still has a card of white rick rack inside.  I thought "She's adorable - I need to do something with her!"  So, I did!

I think she makes an adorable mending kit cover.  (Much better than the clear plastic box that the kit came in!)  Here's how I put the Mending Kit Box together:

You'll need a piece of cardstock for the container part of the mending kit.  I used 110 lb white cardstock.  Cut the cardstock to 6 1/4" x 7 1/4".  Score on all 4 sides at 1" and 2".  See photo above:  you will cut off the three outer squares on all sides.

The 4th squares that you've left will become the tabs.  Slit as shown by the blue lines above.

Fold on all scores.  Angle the tab tops so that they fit nicely inside the box - especially since there are extra flaps to fold down to make the box stronger.  Glue all 4 tabs.

Cutting off a tiny bit on each end of the flaps will help them fit better into the box.  Glue all flaps inside the box.  This will make the box extra strong.

The pull tab on the box is optional.  I think it makes it easier to open and besides that it is darn cute!  I used vintage measuring tape, but you could use ribbon or paper just as well.  Download Priscilla (see below) and print.  

Download Priscilla (see below) and print.   I printed her on 110 lb cardstock.  If you print the panel just as it is, then place the top of your cardstock on 5 1/2" and trim off the rest.   I then cut the panel to just a little wider than 3 1/4"  - about 3 5/16".   Cut off the remaining blank cardstock on the right and left sides.  Score as shown in photo.  Wrap it around the box - snug, but not so tight that you can't slide it off and glue.

Download Prudence (Small Box) HERE.

Place all the mending kit pieces inside.  You can get them very cheap at sewing, dollar and craft stores.  I added some extra buttons and created a felt tag for the needles.  Isn't it sweet?

As you can see from the first pictures, I made a couple of other items with Prudence.  I'll post those in a couple of days, since this post has already run on a bit!  

So glad you stopped by!

ETA:  See the instructions and get the downloads for the tag, packet and To Do List HERE.


  1. Thank you! Prudence is adorable! Alisha

  2. What an adorable image Lori and the make you have created is such a fabulous & useful idea.
    Toni xx

  3. Gorgeous image and creation Lori..Loz

  4. Such a sweet image Lori, thank you for sharing the instruction to the cute mending kit..just fabulous!

  5. Hey Lori, its fantastic kit cover and you did the best printable job. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. Oh wow - this is wonderful! Love it.


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