Sunday, September 11, 2016

Black Cat Halloween Printable + Origami

Can't get enough black cats.  They're purr-fect!  I adore my old green-eyed black cat (as I've mentioned at least once before).  We just got back from Denver and I think he actually missed me!

I fell in love with this adorable origami cat box designed by Gay Merrell Gross.  Here's a link to the video:  

Eyes or no eyes?  I debated back and forth.  Tried several different eyes.  Didn't like any of them.  Decided to leave the face in that true origami form.  However, I did not abide by other origami principles.  I used 65lb black cardstock - usually way to heavy for origami.  But, I wanted him to be sturdy.  Sturdy enough to hold candy corn.  

Tips for using heavier paper to make the cat box:

1.  Use a bone folder on the initial horizontal, vertical and diagonal folds.
2.  Press firmly on every fold.
3.  Staple the head to the body.  (Kids can turn it upside down and the head stays on!)

I used a white ink pad to add definition to his nose and a little on his feet.

Of course, I had to have a cute tag to tie up the candy corn.  This black cat is purr-fect!

Then I decided the tag would make a cute Halloween card.  So I made it all a bit larger.

You can download the black cat tag, in both sizes, HERE.

Gotta love black cat season!  Of course, I have black cat season all year round.  Maybe this black cat tag will find a home with you.

So glad you came by for my first halloween post of the year.  There will be a lot more to come.  ALERT:  Challenge to come next week with a great prize.  Stay tuned!


  1. Oh my gosh! Your cat themed treat-holder and tag are absolutely darling! I'm a klutz with origami, but I'm going to give the cat box a try anyway! Thank you for brightening this gloomy day (a few snowflakes are falling! Yeesh!!!).

  2. Wow!! This cat box is stunning and so fun! I love all the cats, expecially the blak ones and these are soooo cute! :D Thank you very much for the link to he videotutorial! It's a clever ideA!! And your card is a purrrfect complement :D Thanks for the download!

  3. Love the origami cat. And that tag/card too. I'm fond of origami; it's a lot of fun, but I tend to simple folds.

  4. What a fabulous Halloween set. The box, tag and card are all adorable.
    My Sister now has a black kitten who is full of devilment. However, she is puzzling out why she can no longer take a flying leap at things and 'stick' (my niece trimmed her nails on Sunday) so for a short while my Sister's legs should be safe from the razor-like claws.
    I'm sure my niece will love these makes - TFS.
    Toni xx

  5. This sure is adorable Lori! Now who wouldn't want to receive this wonderful candy holder as a treat - it is certainly not a trick! Or maybe it's a trick to make. BWA-ha-HA-HA!!
    Sandy xx

  6. Omgosh, you are soooo talented, Lori! You make the MOST adorable things! As a Halloween lover, I am completely smitten with your black cats! Your origami treat container is SO fun, and I LOVE your tag and card! <3

  7. Oh, my! Darling sweet black CUTE, Lori!!! It's perfect to hold candy corn! Love the tag and card, too!!

  8. I love the black cat box and your tag/card is so darling! Thank you!! I'm having trouble downloading...can you help?

    1. Yes! I don't see your email on your blogger info. Email me at and I'll send it to you.

    2. If the image is coming up, try right clicking and then saving.

  9. OMGOsh these creations are adorable! I love that black cat, what a perfect little treat holder!
    Hugs, Tammy

  10. What a fun set!! The card is fantastic and I just love that origami treat box. My youngest enjoys origami. I'll have to get him to make one for me!!

  11. This is so cute, Lori! You know I adore kitties! I took at a look at the video too! I've never tried origami - it looks fun! Thank you for your free downloads!

  12. Now this is just so COOL Lori! LOVE the Cat Origami! I also like that it holds CANDY CORN!!! (YUMMY) My Fall Favorite! Sshhh don't tell anyone! LOL The tag is awesome to.. makes a great gift set for someone... :) Have a great day!

    Theresa’s Crafty Creations

  13. Could you plzzzzzzzzzz send me one of everything you make? lol! LOVE!

  14. Boy are you getting the spam--bummer! Anyway, I'm so behind after my trip, but glad I got to your blog today, Lori as you come up with the cutest projects! The black cat box is just amazing & love the tag, too! Had my first candy corn while visiting my cousin--must be Fall!

  15. This is so cute and love the origami cat! TFS

  16. Saw one of your Freebies on KT Fitkitty's blog during the Cat Lover's Blog hop and poked around here a bit. Fabulous stuff and you're so generous with the fun freebies. I made this little box and used your tag. Thanks so much for the inspiration. xxD

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