Sunday, September 4, 2016

Felt Teddy Bear Treat Pocket

Sweet Teddy Bears - Aren't they adorable?  National Teddy Bear Day is September 9th.  I couldn't let it go by without a tiny celebration.  Especially since I've been locating all of Lauren's old clothes and toys that have long been packed away. 

 I came across a box of stuffed animals with one of Lauren's first teddy bears.  He's almost thirty one years old!  Look at his poor paw with the top layer coming off.  I think he'll love to see Louisa and hold an honored place in her room, too!

I've got a video showing how to make the felt teddy bear pocket and a printable for the teddy bear tag and sentiment.

You can download the teddy bear tag and sentiment HERE.  

Dropbox seems to work differently for different people.  When image appears, wait a moment and a download button will appear in the top right corner.  If download button does not appear, right click on the image and save as.  I'm always happy to email the image to you, if neither one works!

I filled my teddy bear treat pocket with gummie bears.  Seems appropriate!

Here's the video on making the teddy bear treat pocket:

Download the Teddy Bear Treat Pocket pattern HERE.

So glad you stopped by.  Have a Happy National Teddy Bear Day!


  1. Oh, such a cute teddy bear, and it's a treat pocket!! Fabulous! Love it! Thanks for the video and the sweet teddy bear tag! I didn't knew that there is a national teddy bear day, so fun!! :D

  2. This is really cute, Lori! I didn't even know there was a Teddy Bear Day! So fun! I enjoyed your video! These little felt animals are all the rage now! TFS!

  3. Ahhh your bear really is 'beary' sweet.

  4. Your felt teddy bear is so adorable, Lori! How special that Louisa will have her mom's bear!

  5. How adorable. What a super make Lori.
    Toni xx

  6. No treat needed for this sweetie - sweet enough as it is!
    Thinking of you Sugar and hope you are not being affected by the earthquakes ---- What a state you live in! But we all have something.
    Sandy xx

  7. special finding the Lauren's bear for Louisa! Your little pocket bear is so adorable!

  8. Oh, how sweet! I absolutely adore felties, and your little bear is one of the sweetest I've ever seen! Love that he's a pocket for a treat, and love his big heart! And how precious you still have some of your daughter's old toys! I know they will make a very welcome addition to the new nursery! <3

  9. OMGOSH.... How Precious.. How sweet is that adorable Bear... So perfect to hand down to the next generation... LOVE it! Have a wonderful Weekend! :)

    Theresa’s Crafty Creations

  10. Awww this is so sweet, I love that felt teddy bear! Great tag too and I love the fun font on the sentiment!
    Tammy x

  11. Oh my goodness how adorable this is!! Can't believe I almost missed it! LOVE!!

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