Sunday, January 22, 2017

Purrfect Valentines

Granny.  Grandma.   A guy at work keeps calling me granny - hoping to get a rise out of me, I think.   Everyone keeps asking me "What do you want to be called?"  Well, I don't have a problem with Granny or Grandma.  I really don't need a name that makes me seem younger.  I'm happy to be a grandma!  I guess I'll just let Louisa decide.  After all, whatever she calls me will be PURRFECT!

This was a fun card to put together.  I tested out my new chameleon pens on the two kitties.  I'm not sure about the markers yet.  There is a bit of a learning curve and while they are cool, they can't quite do what Copics do.  

I built the shaker on the back of the front panel of the card.  

It's finished off with a scallop die cut to hide the pieces of the shaker.

And oh, my gosh I think this sweet kitty is purrfect!  If you think she's purrfect for one of your valentines, you can download her below.  

The sentiment is part of the download, too.

Download Sweet Kitty Valentine and Sentiment HERE.

Dropbox seems to work differently for different people.  Either right click and save when image appears or click the download button in the top right corner.  If neither method works, email me and I'll send the files to you.

So, if you're a grandma, what are you called?  I'm sure whatever your sweet grandchild calls you, it's purrfect!


  1. I agree with you, Lori! Age and to be a grandmother aren't the same thing and you have to be so proud to be the grandma of the supersweet princess Louisa!! :) You will melt your heart when she will say you "granny" or "grandma" ;)
    Your cards are both so cute and lovely! Thanks for the supersweet kitten image, how adorable it is!!
    Beautiful colouring with your chameleon pens. I have bought one just to try, but I'm not satisfacted on how I work with it. I prefer other markers.

  2. I knew you'd have darling kitty Valentines, Lori! Really love your shaker with the pink dotted edge! It'll be fun to hear what Louisa calls you--I know you'll love it!

  3. This cat lover is especially taken with your projects!! They're fantastic! I called my grandmother "Granny". Whatever Louisa calls you, I'm sure it will be a name full of love!

  4. I bet she ends up calling you something else all together! LOL Not in a bad way of course... my boys use to call my mom (Baa'gaa) Don't know where they got it from - but they called her that for a long time... then it changed to Grandma or G-ma... My mom didn't mind either... She thought it was sweet that they had a special name for her... :) She likes the G-ma thing they call her now.. :) I look forward to that day when I become a G-ma myself... My boys tell me it'll be a long, long time before it happens! LOL they're in their early twenties... oh well... haha Your card is adorable.. Love those sweet kitty images and the sentiment - I too have those markers... had them for about a year or more... I pull them out every once in awhile... still learning how to use them... they can be fun.... :) Have a great day!

    Theresa’s Crafty Creations

  5. Such beautiful makes Lori and thank you for the free kitty :-)
    I am called " YiaYia " by my grandsons as it is grandma in Greek.
    IKE xx

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  6. Everyday I love you more and your makes sure do make me smile Lori!
    Sandy xx

  7. Such sweet Valentines with the kitties!! Love the colors and pretty trims!

  8. Your going to laugh, but I'm the only one my granddaughter made a special name for, and it's MUGA! I try and figure out where she got it from ....maybe grandma backward? I don't know, and at first I was like what????? But now I love it, because she made it for me and that's all that counts!! LOVE your kitty Valentines!!

  9. These are so adorable! I love the play on words with the 'purr', how sweet and perfect for your darling images! Lovely creations for Valentine's!

  10. I agree! When I have grandkids they can call me whatever they want! Love the shaker and that cute stamp and love that adorable kitty image!

  11. Hello, Lori! Just popping in to say Hello and it looks like 2017 has been good to you so far! I love your kitty cards! So cute! Love the papers you used on the vintage one especially! Thank you so much for the kitty download - I love it! You have the cutest images!

  12. Awww your shaker card is just adorable. You have quite an eye for spying out those cute vintage images. The cat is precious. Hugs!

  13. Cute, cute Valentine projects, my friend! I'm loving your little kitty shaker, and thanks for the input on the new markers. I think your coloring is adorable. Really loving the tabby stripes you added. And your vintage kitty in the red and blue combo is so, so sweet, too! Amazing layers and details there. Love the lace and the doily peeking out the top. You always add the perfect touches!

  14. They just seem to pick your name for you! I love the card!


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