Wednesday, March 31, 2010

As promised...a few more Easter things

Hi! Hope you're having a great week! This is the cake I made for the swap in which I participated.

I think it's not bad for a first faux cake. It was really fun to try something new. The spackling works great and is easy to color. I went really simple with this: just adding some flowers and ribbon to the bunny and glitter to the top of the cake.
I think the hardest thing was making the cake look good where the box comes apart. A pretty ribbon around the middle might be a solution. Or, maybe instead of a box, it should just be a decoration. That would certainly be easier!
I think this Easter Madonna is beautiful.
She is the major focus with glitter around her and a pretty stamped frame.

I actually designed this egg a couple of years ago. I made two this year (one I took out to Sparkles and the other Kirby gave to his wife.) I still have a couple more Easter items that I'll share on Sunday. Have fun and I'll see you then!


  1. Hi Lori, I just sent you an email, but again here Thank You for such a cute cake and for all the sweet goodies! I'll enjoy using them in my crafts! Happy Easter! Suzie

  2. I think your cake looks ADORABLE! Great job!


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