Monday, March 8, 2010

You are such a Deer and a Cupcake, Too!

Hi! Hope you had a nice weekend. We actually went to the movies yesterday! We don't go very often. We saw Avatar. I thought the story was great (Dennis, not so much). I'm not sure the 3D was that awesome, though. The glasses hurt behind my ears after awhile and most things seemed 2D anyway. However, I still bought in to the story and was tense almost all the way through. I kept thinking, "NO! DON'T DO IT!" But I knew they would. The destruction was hard to watch and that humans were responsible hard to take.

I'm sharing a sweet card today. I cut the vintage image apart and enlarged the butterflies a little. The papers are from K & Co. I just love the little deer and cute! The stamp is an old one from Stampin'Up.

This is my cupcake.
I watched the how-to video from Fabulously Artsy. Then, created my own. It is designed to hold a giftcard. I attached a flower and ribbon to a tag and then used a paperclip to hold on the giftcard. It worked great!

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  1. I love your images. When are you taking orders for Mother's Day?


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