Sunday, April 26, 2015

National Letter Writing Month + Canvaspop Winner!

Jan. 8, 1968:  "Hope Robert will make it home okay.  Lori and I didn't get home until 6:15.  At the bottom of the hill were 5 cars - some in the ditch and the others turned every which way.  Three were hit.  There was a policeman trying to get me to turn back, but the problem was, I was already half way down the hill.  Got stuck, they had to put out a bag of salt, luckily several men helped.  By the time we were home, I was shaking all over."

One of my favorite treasures is a collection of letters written from my mom to my grandma.  I've got quite a few and I love to get them out and read a couple every once in awhile.  I love the little bits of info about our every day life.  So funny what Mom says about stamps - it cost 6 cents to mail a letter in 1968.   I know as a young mom she was worried about money.

April is  National Letter Writing Month. And while April is almost over, it doesn't have to be April to write a letter, right?  I was inspired the last time I got out Mom's letters, to save letters between Lauren and I.  The problem is we have NO LETTERS!  Email, text...but no letters.  

The concept I've come up with would work well for Pen Pals, too.  I created a set of (cute) stationery, enough for each of us to write 6 letters.   Stamped some envelopes and die cut light blue ribbon stickers.  Lauren came to visit this weekend, so I didn't mail her first letter.  Just had it ready to give to her with her stationery.  When we've written our letters, I'll create some more stationery!

I included a yellow polka dot packet to hold the fun pen, ribbon stickers and stamps, too!  I didn't want the stamps and ribbon stickers falling to the bottom so I clipped them to a long piece of paper.

Revisit the Instructions for the
 Long Gusseted Gift Bag

 If you want the instructions for the gusseted gift bag, click HERE.
The only thing I did differently was use a scallop circle at the top.

The top is held closed by the decoration, which is clipped to only the top gusset.

Here's how I made the pen holder:

This is one fat pen!  Dimensions will vary a little bit with a smaller pen.

Cut a strip of 1 1/2" x 7 1/2 inch cardstock.  Score as shown above.

Your circle die or punch needs to fit between the scores.  Easy and cute!

If you're wondering, this adorable image is from Studio Shine Vintage.

Now for the winner of a 
16 x 20 canvas from Canvaspop!

The winner is:

Congratulations, Toni!  You'll love it!
Email me and 
I'll send you the code!

For all of us who didn't win, we still 
can get 35% off!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. Such a nice idea! It seems no one writes letters any more. I have fond memories of writing to my penpals as a young girl - I lost touch with them a long time ago. I don't even remember their names! I guess I was pretty young. Congrats to your lucky winner!

  2. The nearly forgotten art of writing...I love that you are celebrating it with this precious set! Beautiful post Lori and congratulations to the winner!!! :)

  3. Im giddy with excitement on seeing this fabulous set Lori!! Awesome!!!!

  4. I was scrolling through this lovely stationery idea when I nearly fell off my chair - it is my name under the winner announcement...oh my! Thank you so much.
    Toni xx

  5. Beautiful stationery set Lori. I Love reading all the postcards from my grandparents.Loz


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