Monday, April 20, 2015

Little Lambs Eat Ivy

Keren (Free Pretty Things for You) and I are bringing you some sweetness again this month!  You'll want to download this little lamb, because not only is it adorable  - it is versatile.   I confess when I first looked at it, I thought "Easter".  And, of course, it would be perfect for Easter, but it was going to be after Easter before we could post it.  So you can probably already tell the thought process:  in like a lamb, Mary had a little lamb, baa baa black sheep, counting sheep, babies, little lambs eat ivy...    

You can see which one won out for me.  I took the sweet lamb that Keren sent and used it to create a seed packet cover.  Imagine my surprise when I sent my project to her and she replied back that the original image came from a seed packet!!!  Must be fate...

If you download the image I created, you can print it on about any color.  I was going to draw the seed packet template, but personally I can't stand for there to be lines on my projects!  It's actually very easy to score and cut to make the seed packet - all with no lines!  The following instructions will tell you how to make the seed packet.

These instructions are based on where the image prints right from the download.  But if you change the size or position, it's pretty easy to figure out.

Score following the photos above.  Now let's create the tabs.

I designed the packet to open on the right, so it's got a slightly larger tab.

One more step on the tabs:

Now you're ready to fold up and glue.  

Fold the sides in, the shorter side on top and then the bottom.  For the rustic white packet, I placed two seed packets in a glassine bag, folded it over and clipped it to the back of the seed packet.  I printed the sentiment (also available to download) on vellum.

For the pink and blue packets, I also created a Welcome Little One tag to place inside. The tag is also available for download.

You can download the Little Lambs Eat Ivy seed packet HERE.  The "If Friends were Flowers sentiment and Welcome Little One tag can be downloaded HERE.  To download the lamb image (colored and/or black and white) visit Free Pretty Things for You.

So glad you stopped by and have a lovely week!


  1. So sweet! This is adorable! Thank you for the freebies!

  2. adorable lamb and seed packets Lori..Loz

  3. So very sweet!! Love the adorable lamb seed packet! Thank you!! Wishing you a lovely day! xo Holly

  4. I know I can always count on visiting you for some beautiful vintage creations, and these are beautiful!!!

  5. This is so cute Lori.
    "Little lambs eat ivy" is a line from a song that my sister and I used to quote at my Dad when he was in one of his "you youngsters call this can understand the words" moods. A few lines from this song and he would give in and we would all be chuckling. Thank you for reminding me of that memory.
    Toni xx

  6. Oh so beautiful, Lori... what a darling creation! Thank you for the download!!!

  7. That's too funny that the image came full circle back to a seed packet, but wowweee, your packets are vintage precious! I absolutely love this image and you and Keren are just the sweetest for making the world a prettier place! Thanks so much for the inspiration AGAIN, Lori. :)
    big hugs,
    Lisa x

  8. So sweet Lori - these images remind me of some of the baby cards in my baby album 70 years ago. Good Lord, did I say 70!?!
    I saw on a news program that Oklahoma expects to have over 500 earthquakes this year. I never would have imagined that. And the tornadoes too? If you ever want some piece and quiet, you can always come and stay with me on Amelia Island. All we have are tornadoes that come onto the beach as water spouts, tropical storms and hurricanes!
    Thanks for the download Sugar.
    Sandy xx

  9. Such beautiful sweet! Thank you for the downloads!:-)

  10. So wonderful and beautiful! Love the little package you created too! TFS


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