Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Easter Picnic Baskets with Pretty Pink Posh

What is it about Easter baskets?  I've always loved them.  

When I was little I used the same one every year.  One that was passed down from my uncle.  My daughter, Lauren, used the exact same Easter basket (this is when she was almost two) and I'm keeping it for Louisa.  She'll be the fourth generation to use it.  It's old, it's worn, but I love it!

I'm also in love with these mini Easter picnic baskets.  So fun to make and they turn out adorable, especially when topped off with that sweet little bunny.  I'm sharing these today over on the Pretty Pink Posh blog.

I've sized these to hold 2 plastic eggs.  Even though they're mini, they'll hold plenty to give as an Easter treat.  

You can check out the video to see how easy the baskets are to make and there's a couple of quick tips on the tag, too:

Louisa (even though she's only 4 1/2  months old) is definitely getting one of these.  Her momma can keep it and put it out every year.  If you make an Easter Picnic Basket to give away, I bet it will be loved enough to keep from year to year.  

Do you still have an old Easter Basket?  Or maybe, an old bunny?


  1. Hi Lori,
    Love that you have a basket to hand down to the forth generation! SO awesome.
    Thank you for this adorable paper basket. I'm going to make several!
    Debbie J

  2. I just love these. You always make the most adorable things! I always got a treat for Easter; but I only remember having a real basket one year and that was b/c I went to an Easter egg hunt in the local park and had to to collect my eggs. I remember there was one prize egg, a large foil wrapped chocolate egg and I was dying to be the one to find it. I didn't though. And back then they hid real eggs that had been dyed. Back in the dark ages, haha. I think mama basically hid one thing, like a chocolate bunny most years. I do remember always wanting a store bought Easter basket b/c they were over wrapped with that crinkly cello paper and tied with a ribbon. That was 'to die for' to me. But my all time "I could just die if I had one" was the big sugared eggs with scenes inside them. They were expensive, but it thrilled me to pick them up at the store and view the scenes inside. It was like magic. On Easter I always got a new 'bonnet'; straw with an elastic string that went under the chin, with a ribbon around the band; got a fancy organza ruffled dress and patent leather shoes with socks that had ruffles on the top. I felt like a princess.

  3. Easter Egg hunts are so much fun! Lauren's birthday is April 16th, so we often had an Easter Egg Hunt for her birthday party. Such wonderful memories!

  4. Such super sweet treats!! I love the adorable bunny!!

  5. How beautiful baby you was! :D And so happy to found your eggs and putting on your big basket! This basket certainly is a dear thing of your memories and you make so well keeping it for baby Louise! Surely she will love it as you! I have never had an Easter basket or bunny, but seeing these I would be have had one! :)
    The two lovely Easter Picnic Baskets look delightful and so sweet! I'm going to see how you made them, thanks for sharing!!

  6. your little baskets are beyond adorable (but then, again, everything you make is beyond adorable!!!)!!! so lovely that you have an Easter basket to hand down to your granddaughter!!

  7. Love the tradition of your Easter basket, Lori & what an adorable picture of Lauren! Can't wait to see Louisa's Easter picture! The mini Easter baskets are just the cutest--so creative!

  8. These are so, so sweet and adorable, Lori! Love the pastel colors and polka dots and love those little tags with the bunnies! The shape and size of these are fabulous. I agree with you about Easter baskets being the sweetest things. There's something so nostalgic about them. I think it's just beyond precious that you still have your childhood basket, and that little Louisa will make four generations of family that will use and love it! <3

  9. Love those adorable polka dot Easter baskets with the sweet bunnies!! So precious that you have handed down your Easter basket to your daughter and now your granddaughter! Such a cute photo of your daughter with the Easter basket!!

  10. These are so cute!!!! And that pic of you ,,,,a-dorable!!!!

  11. I love your Easter Pic! I used an Easter pic for my AVJ photo. :) Such a darling idea for a treat basket. Love this to pieces and would make right away if my girls were still bitties. They would roll their eyes at me now as they are true teens! Hugs, Autumn

  12. I think I'm going to make these for my Sunday school kids. They are precious Lori. Thanks for the great instructions. Hugs!

  13. Those are so cute Lori! LOVE the sweet paper 3D baskets.. My boys each had their own baskets while growing up.. Everyone had to have a different one! LOL I don't have them anymore.... Just don't like to save things like I use too! I still have 1 basket left since my youngest is 13... we still pull it out every year for him and color Easter Eggs.. Honestly I don't think you could ever be too old to color Easter Eggs! (wink Wink) Have a great day!



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