Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Cutest Baby+First Mother's Day

It's Lauren's first Mother's Day!   It's so awesome, especially since for years we weren't sure it would ever happen.  

Here's Louisa rocking her kitty hat...we had so much fun dressing her up (or undressing as the case may be) and taking pictures.  Hard to see, but she also has on her first ruffled undies.   And she is practically purr-fect in every way...

Lauren is always laughing and saying, "We made the cutest baby!"  And, of course, I believe it's true!  I created this fold-out card just for Lauren to celebrate her first Mother's Day.

If you like the cards, you can print them out too.  I made them in pink and blue. 

They work for a card like I've made or they could be used for a Project Life page or pocket letter.

I used the last card for a little fold-up that is attached to the back.  I'll write a personalized note to Lauren.

Here's another idea for a pretty Mother's Day card:

You may remember the other mason jar card I made.  You can see it here.

The above link also shows how to put it together.  I did exactly the same thing to create this one.

Download Cutest Baby PINK  HERE.

Download Cutest Baby BLUE  HERE

Maybe these cards will work for you.  Or put them in a file, you may want to use them later.

I just got back from Denver and will go again in a couple of weeks.  So happy to spend time with Lauren and Louisa and celebrate Lauren's first mother's day!



  1. oh my goodness... how stinkin' adorable (little Louisa and your project!!)!!!

  2. Louisa is really the cutest baby!! :) Just adorable! And such amazing smile she has! Well done with this supersweet tought for your daughter, surely she will LOVE it soooo much!!
    Sweet jar card, too!

  3. Your grand-baby is soooo cute! She looks like a little doll. The cards are great too.

  4. Oh, how creative and so sweet!! Louisa is super cute in her kitty hat! The fold-out card is so creative and precious!! Love the vintage card with mason jar, too!!

  5. You are absolutely right! She is the cutest baby and obviously very loved!
    sandy xx

  6. She really is the cutest little baby! It's always so fun to spoil & love on them at this wonderful stage... The card you made her is fantastic & she will cherish it.. and the vintage cards look amazing too! Enjoy your special trips... it's a shame they don't live closer.. Big Hugs! Have a great day! :)


  7. Such a sweet idea for Lauren. She DID make the cutest baby. :-) Hugs!

  8. Awwwww, what a special Mother's Day this will be! I agree, too, Lauren did making the cutest baby! LOVE this sweet tri-fold card you made her! The pink and yellow combo with the bold black accents is SO fabulous! And of course I am melting over that perrrrr-fect little photo! LOVE your mason jar design, too! Everything you make is magical!

  9. You have the best ideas, Lori! Lauren will absolutely treasure this card celebrating her first Mother's Day as the mom of the cutest baby ever! Adorable picture! Love the jar card, too--beautiful!

  10. Love these! oh my that baby is just the sweetest in her kitty hat! And the beautiful vintage mason jar... beautiful!! Happy Mother's Day Lori!

  11. This is such a gorgeous creation! Lori. The baby is super adorable. :)

  12. Everything you create I love....Thankyou for sharing the printable s for your pretty creations Lori. Have a wonderful day!


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