Sunday, February 11, 2018

Valentine Angels and a Meow

Valentines.  Angels.  They certainly go together.  These old valentines are so pretty.

I used these angels a couple of years ago on top of a fan-shaped candy box. 

You can see that I basically cased myself to create this card.  I love the box, so why not a card?

The download has the angels on white and also on gorgeous old ledger paper.

And if you love that heart rosette (isn't the gold and pink glitter so pretty?), I have a video from a couple of years ago on how to make them.  

The little bon bon box is also from that time.  You can see more about it HERE.  

You may remember me talking about how Louisa loves to "RAWR" and that I made THIS Valentine card for her.  Well, she also loves to "MEOW!"  

When she's here, she meows at the top of her lungs and follows kitty around saying "Hi, Kitty!"  When she saw me a couple of weeks ago, she asked, "Kitty? Kitty?"   I had to tell her No, that Kitty did not come with me, that he had to stay home.  So, I made this sweet black kitty valentine for my mom and dad to give to Louisa.  

You can download the Valentine Angels HERE.

Dropbox seems to work differently for different people.  Either right click and save when image appears or click the download button in the top right corner.  If neither method works, email me and I'll send the files to you. 

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. You made me smile with the memory of Louisa that meowing to your kitten and that sweet black kitty card is soooo cute!!! :)I'm sure that she will be very excited when she will receive her valentine! :D
    The card with angels is fabulous too, thanks for sharing that sweet image! Love the fan shaped box, such brilliant and gorgeous project!
    Thanks also for the video on the heart rosette, it's adorable and easy to do!

  2. Super adorable projects!! I love the cute kitty!
    Have a wonderful day,
    Crafting with Creative M

  3. Awww the angels and the kitty are both wonderful. Bet Louisa carries that one around with her. LOL Thanks for the video on the heart rosette. Will have to give it a try. Hugs!

  4. Yes, Angels and Valentines go hand in hand! How beautiful! And so elegant with the vintage look and all the gold. LOVE your black kitty card, too! So, so much sweet goodness here!

  5. Your projects are just wonderful and I love those antique looking touches on your angel valentines! Love the little bon bon box and heart rosette too (thanks for the tutorials) and after seeing that half-eaten piece of candy, I'm craving chocolate now! LOL

  6. Fabulous collection of projects Lori! Love the vintage images and the sweet kitty!

  7. Hi Lori! Beautiful card my friend! So Elegant and I love the Vintage design/image - and that Kitty is too cute! Louisa will flip over it! She's right at that perfect pure sweetness age.... :) Have a great week!


  8. The angels are so sweet and I love how you framed them in the gold, pretty ribbon, and love the little heart tag too! That kitty card is just the sweetest, gotta love those rosey cheeks!

  9. Hey Lori, thanks for coming by my blog and lovely comment.. I love your blog and I will have a look around while I am here! Have a great day! xxlizzy

  10. I always love the retro look of the old style Valentines, and how sweet & pretty are these angels. Beautiful first go round, equally so, on this rendition. The gold glitz matting looks wonderful with the pastel stripes too. The kitty card is just adorable, and Louisa is sure to be delighted with it! TFS

  11. Well, of course you made a black kitty card for Louisa--just too cute! Love the pink & gold for your beautiful vintage Valentine projects, Lori!

  12. Such Beautiful valentines... LOVE the gold and love that sweet sweet kitty card!


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