Monday, May 26, 2014

Fox Card Continued

Hi, there!  It's  Memorial Day  - a time for remembering those who have died while serving in the Armed Forces.  I also want to take just a moment to thank those (and their families) who have served and are serving now - appreciate you so much!

I enjoyed all the comments about the word "girl" on the previous posts - it seems most of you are thinking along the same lines as me.  And by the way Toni, I do think that "lass" is quite lovely and I may have to insert it more often into my vocabulary!

I got a couple of emails asking if I had other ideas for the fox face cards that I created a treat pocket out of earlier.  (By the way, I do have one Fox Treat Pocket kit left.)  It's so cool that several of you were able to find the fox cards at Michaels.  Okay...  well, here's what I came up with:  1.  How about leaving the card alone and embellishing the envelope with a wrap and liner?   2.  How about combining the two (treat pocket and envelope) to make a gift card holder?

This is Easy as 1, 2 Buckle My Choux!

The paper I used is from Clip Art Garden from Checked Dotted and Striped.  I just cropped the paper and then copied it several times on the paper (65 lb).  

Cut them to desired size (this one is 1 3/4" wide by 5 3/4" long.  I placed the wrap where I wanted it to start and used the envelope for a guide to make a score to fold the wrap around to the back.  I cut a banner end on the wrap (see photo a couple above).  

I used Stampin' Up new stamp set Point & Click (also used it here).  It is photopolymer and is a result of a collaboration with Becky Higgins who is Project Life.  And of course that cute little fox face from Michaels.

To make the liner, I printed a full page of the patterned paper (65 1b) and cut it down to envelope width.  

Leave plenty of length to cut off.  If you are really good at cutting - skip the tracing and just cut around the envelope.

After you adhere the liner, score the bottom of the flap.  This will make it easier to fold down.

Now for the gift card holder.  I combined the embellished envelope and the treat pocket.  (It's sewn around the sides and bottom.)  I slipped in a gift card - I think you could also add a treat, just not the ones I used for the treat pocket earlier - they won't fit in the envelope!  Hope these ideas will work...

Have a lovely week!


  1. Love this Lori! What a wonderful idea to add the bow to the pretty fox!
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  2. Sooo stinking CUTE!!! It's always that extra mile you go. I swear you must get sick of me telling you how awesome you are, but own the market on CUTE AND ADORABLE ideas. :) Just sayin'
    Lisa x

  3. So adorable!!! Another "Hit" :):)

  4. Fabulous ideas Lori. That fox image is just so adorable.

    Toni xx

  5. Fabulous project Lori..Loz

  6. So adorable! And thank you for sharing the steps to make this!

  7. Looks good! I have to say I like that the vixen has a hair bow...

  8. This is so wonderful - how to alter a plain card and give it some style! TFS

  9. You are so creative.. This looks so amazing and so cute. I LOVE it..



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