Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hello Girl!

Do you ever think about the word girl?    Someone once told me that she didn't like it when a man called her and her friends "girls."   I wondered if I should be offended, too.  But the more I thought about it, I realized that I use "girl" when I think about myself.  I don't think girl detracts from the fact that I'm a self sufficient woman.  I see the girl part of me as youthful, laughing,  and hopeful.  And by the way, it is Girl's Night Out - Women's Night Out just doesn't have the same ring!  What do you think?

Well, this Hello Girl hits high on my cute  meter.  If you like her, you can find her at Free Pretty Things for You.  She's part of a set of cute Vintage Girl Circles.  

Do you.remember that wrapping paper that I loved so much that I turned it into dividers for my Filofax?    Well, guess what?  I found it in notecards, too!  It's a smaller scale, but still has that vibrant rich color and pretty pattern.  I grabbed them up and came right home to dress them up a bit!

In addition to that cute girl, I used some things from Stampin' Up:   Starburst Sayings and Dies Bundle, Simply Celebrate Stamps, Fun Flowers Bigz Die.

I used the new Stampin' Up Project Life  Point and Click Polymer Stamp Set, to create the envelope wrap.

Some tips on the envelope wrap: 

Best weight paper is about 65lb (80lb is really too heavy).

Glue it down well on the edges, especially if it's going through the mail.  (In fact, I would put on an extra stamp and write 
"Hand Stamp, Please!)

In case you want to get your girl on, I have a limited number of Hello Girl card kits in my Etsy store.

Updated:  Hello Girl Card Kits are sold out!

Hope your week has been awesome!  


  1. Oh! This is adorable!!! The ribbon is just Gorgeous!
    Have a wonderful day,
    *Crafting With Creative M*

  2. Gorgeous creation Lori and it is Girls Night Out for sure..Loz

  3. I like girl too - I feel the same way - I'm still a girl at heart and always will be! Your card and envelope are adorable! Love those vibrant colours!

  4. What a cute card Lori - those cards were perfect.

    Most certainly "Girls Night Out" when taking about getting together with friends. We do have such things as "Ladies Nights" over here in the UK but that normally means NO MEN at the venues.

    I don't mind being called a girl but I do prefer 'Lass' sees to have a friendlier tone to it.

    Toni xx

  5. I always think of myself as a "girl"Lori but get quite a shock sometimes when I look in the mirror and a 25 year old is no longer looking back at me! Sweet card.

  6. So wonderful my friend.. You know I always enjoy my stops here to see what you have created.


  7. So awesome!! I love that bright prety paper!!

  8. So sweet and colorful...just adorable!

  9. I can see how referring to a grown woman as a "girl" could be misogynistic and infantilizing--if it were meant that way. Sadly, I have indeed met some men who did mean it that way! Not too many and mostly middle-aged or older. I think younger guys are generally less sexist. I still think it's weird to refer to someone my age or younger as a "woman," but maybe that will change as I get older.

  10. This is so so pretty - love the fabulous bright colours. And I'm with you "girl" is fine - in the right context :-) Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Girl, you out did yourself on this card! Lol. Too cute! I use the term frequently with my Gurl-friends! The salutation, "Hey, Womanfriend, how are you?", just doesn't jive. Sorry I missed the sale in your Etsy. Maybe next time :)

  12. I think there's definitely something sweet to 'girl', gosh, a woman should be pleased when a man calls her girl, means she's still young, lol! I know I absolutely don't mind at all ;-) Love love your girly creation Lori, it's adorable!
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  13. Love the girly card, so pretty!
    My week is certainly off to an awesome start thanks to your wonderful giveaway arriving here. Thank you so much Lori!

  14. You go GIRL!! She's vintalicious :) Yes, I made a new word.


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