Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hip Hip WHOOray + Look What I Found!

Hip Hip Whooray!!  That's what I was yelling out, dancing around with my camera.  Okay, well maybe not the WHOO part, but definitely HOORAY!  Remember on the last post, I lamented my loss of quite a few files on my computer and especially the card I made for Suzanne with a photo of her aunt's garden?  Guess what I found on my camera???   THAT card!!  Can you believe it?  Somehow I didn't get it deleted off!  Hip Hip Hooray!

I'm so glad I found it!  This card was so fun to make - I put down a watercolor background, in pinks and yellow.

Then dressed it up with some of my favorite things:  ribbon, button, butterfly, doily...

washy tape and fancy borders...  I'm still doing a happy dance!

Now to the WHOOray part...

I put together an owl kit awhile back, sold out, and found another set of owl cards.  

This one is a little different - she's got those cut glasses and 

she's got a bit of flair!

If you're interested in an owl kit, I have a very small number in my etsy store.  The kits even come with all the inside packaging.  You just need adhesive and the goodies for inside the packaging!

Edited to add:  Owl kits are sold out.  Thank you!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!


  1. yay for finding your camera.. these are fabulous

  2. These are fabulous Lori..Loz

  3. Beautiful card Lori, so glad you found the picture still on your camera.

    Those owls are so lovely and cheerful - what fun.

    Toni xx

  4. So glad you found this beautiful shot Lori! It's a superb looking card, lovely design! As for the owls, these are simply adorable and such fun creations!!
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  5. Yay for you! Lovely card for your friend and adorable owl!

  6. Lori :) these are totally adorable ♥

  7. Adorable card, love all sweet pretties you add, button, ribbon, all of it. I tend to stay looking at all awesome projects you do, taking in all the incredible details.
    What did you have to do to be certified Copic user? Do you take workshops or classes? Are the Copic markers really better than Promarkers for instance?
    I'm looking for an idea to make for Grandson, just graduated high school yesterday. His grades are 8th. highest in US, he's good awesome kid, caring, you name it for a teenager. He lives in KY but is on his way back to San Diego with his brother and Dad today for their summer visit. Oh how we wish we could have been there for his graduation. He got full ride scholarship for chemical engineering degree plus an extended scholarship for two more years after that to get his masters. Not an easy task. He'll be going to school in Lexington, KY.
    If you have any ideas for something awesome I could make him please let me know. He even likes cards I make for b/d's and holidays. Something like the owl or fox kits. I'm racking my brain for some idea. I'll be sending it to him in San Diego.
    Hope it's great Spring weather where you are. We're in western CO, west of Grand Junction. Happy days Love your blog, glad to find you.

    1. Let's see... Copic Certified: there are classes to take. They have them throughout the year in different locations. Here's a link about certfication and at the top of the page is a link to this year's workshops:

      How about a graduation cap card for your grandson? You could even slip in a gift card or money, which is always nice for a graduate. Or you might be able to do something with the logo or mascot of his university. I'll think a little more - email me and that way I can send you some information. Congratulations to your grandson!

    2. Oops - forgot about Promarkers. The truth is that they both have their pros and cons. People who use Promarkers love them and people that use Copics love CopIcs! Copics are expensive, but one thing that is really nice is that they can be refilled. That's been a great benefit to me. They also blend so well, no blender needed. One tip: Do not buy a set of Copics - you don't get what you need. Buy singles. And paper makes a huge difference!!

  8. Such adorable projects. I LOVE seeing your creation.


  9. This is lucky day for sure and your card is beautiful! By the way, I am getting new glasses that look a lot like your bird's glasses!
    Sandy xx

  10. Fabulous creations. So glad that you found that photo, it's a beautiful card. I love love that owl - so adorable. Have a great week.

  11. What great news that you found that picture! Your newest owl card kit is wonderful Lori!! :)

  12. Love the glasses on the owl. Too cute. Glad you found some of your photos!

  13. What good news that you were able to recover the photos, it's such a gorgeous card! And the owl kit is so cute!!!


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