Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Caretaker of Wonder

This very night,
while you lie in your bed, 
open your eyes.
Now, look out the window!
For even at this yawning hour,
so many of your friends 
are working to keep
the world magical.

That's the opening of Caretakers of Wonder by Cooper Edens

 (Darn, I  just found out when linking this book that it is now out of print.)  I absolutely love this book.  It was always a joy to share it with my students, who would ask to hear it again and again.  My daughter loved it, too. It's about some of the mysteries and wonders of our world and how it's important to take care of it.  The story seems magical - about those who button up the night against the cold and keep the sky and horizon tightly fastened to each other.   And the one's that collect yesterday's raindrops and mend old clouds.  

This little sweetie reminded me of the Caretakers of Wonder.  (In the original image, he is painting words in the sky.  I took the words out and decided that he is taking care of painting the sky blue and hanging the clouds.)

I don't know why he's doing these things with a bare bottom, but I guess little baby bottoms are cute!  You can find this image and a whole lot more at Nicecrane Designs.  He is part of a set called Twelvetrees Babies.  Here's the set:

So...let's all be Caretakers of Wonder!

cloud die    |    pearl pen    |    Glitter Ritz    |    copics
heavy cardstock


  1. Such a beautiful image and I love the clouds floating from his paint pot. It reminds my of a TV show my daughter watches called "Cloud Babies" where they look after the sky.

  2. It's wonderful that you have special memories linked to this image Lori. Telling about reading the story to your students and your daughter really personalized the card so much. Your interpretation of him painting the clouds and sky is perfect! The inspiration just flows through this and it's very uplifting. What a wonderful job that would be...with pants! LOL
    Lisa x

  3. IVe never heard of that book, but would love so to see it! and of course your card is just adorable! I love that he is painting the sky blue and hanging the clouds! those would be such fun jobs to have!
    happy day!

  4. OMG Lori, your coloring is supberb my friend,,,,,I adore this litte baby painting clouds,,,,,,and all voer the adorable card you did,,,,,,,,,I´ll take a look to guess if that book exist in digital support.....Thaks for telling me about it.

  5. What a shame this book is no longer published Lori! Must admit I´m not at all familiar with it, its origin being American I presume, such a darling image... Love this!

  6. Such a sweet image!! Absolutely darling!

  7. Hi Lori, I have never heard of this book but it does sound magical. And what a wonderful creation. I just love the bare bottom.. Too cute..

    Hope your having a happy week.



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