Sunday, May 26, 2013

Photo Cards for Suzanne

What are you working on?  "Suzanne card."   That is often my answer when Dennis asks me.  Suzanne loves to take pictures and she and her husband take lots of trips with their friends.   I met Suzanne about 4 years ago.  She started buying my cards from a local antique store here in OKC and then called me to ask if I would make some cards just for her.   I also made her wedding invitations and wedding book about three years ago.

She has a great idea here:   Suzanne emails me one of her pictures from a trip, I create and she uses them to write notes or thank yous to the couples that go with them.

I think the cactus picture is gorgeous, but there's something about the black and white cabin that I just love.  This is one of their anniversary cards:

I try to keep the cards simple, so that the photograph takes center stage.   Have a happy Memorial Day and a BIG THANK YOU to all veterans and current duty military!



  1. What a wonderful collaboration between the two of you Lori! Love the outcome!

  2. How clever!! These are so adorable and add such a personal touch. Gorgeous work as always Lori.

  3. That cactus photograph IS wonderful! What a great story on how you two met and I love seeing the friendship and creativity continue to grow. Your work together is fabulous!!

  4. awesome that you do such sweet work on the photos for your friend! The photos are gorgeous!


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