Wednesday, May 22, 2013

State Notecards

A lot of people LOVE their state.   My grandma thinks Oklahoma is the cat's meow.  We've just had a major disaster in Moore (about 12 minutes from my house), where a tornado took out most of the suburb.  It also destroyed two elementary schools, where some children lost their lives.  Tragedies like this bring out the best in many people and Oklahomans have shown their best through volunteering and donations.  We are also hearing hero stories of people throwing themselves over others, like teachers protecting their students.  In the midst of heartbreak, people have rallied for each other.  Maybe my grandma is right - Oklahoma may be the cat's meow!  Keep these Oklahomans in your thoughts.  Thank you!

 I always look for Oklahoma items (like pillows, tea towels, ornaments, books...) for Christmas for my grandma.  I designed some Oklahoma notecards for her and my mom.  (I already gave a set to my mom, but  my grandma will have to wait!)  

These are super easy to make.   You can personalize them for your state or someone else's state for a gift.  You can find state outlines at the silhouette online store (if you have a silhouette) or you can even do it the old fashioned way by cutting them out yourself.  Find state outline sheets here.  

Maps can still be found at gas stations and some book stores.   You  could punch hi or hello or something like that on the frame.  If you have a silhouette machine, I'm sure you could find a frame ready to go in the store.

So glad you stopped by!


  1. How scary Lori and what a horrible tragedy. My heart goes out to everyone involved.

    Your cards are wonderful! So well put together.

  2. I didn't realise you were so close we have been watching all the news coverage such an awful tragedy. Lovely set of cards, your Grandma and Mum will love them. xxx

  3. Gorgeous little se of notecards. Love the masculine feel to them and the way you have used the twine.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  4. My heart aches for your state Lori. So glad that you are safe. That was a pretty close call. I sure hope you have a storm shelter!!!
    Your note cards are wonderful - my grandmother raised me and I sure do miss her. Once again, I am so happy and relived to know that you and yours are safe.

  5. love your set of cards, lori! so glad to hear that you are safe! my thoughts are definitely with everyone in oklahoma. *hugs* and much aloha, steph :)

  6. It was all over the news here in Europe, too... gosh, the devastation... I am just so very glad that you are safe my friend... Your cards look beautiful, such a great gift set! Take care, Ira

  7. Oh Lori.....It was so tragic ...the tornado....last night we had an earthquake and scared me...I can't imagine.....lots of prayers your way sweetie

    I love your notecards too :-)

  8. That's a really horrible tragedy. Glad to know you are safe. Love your beautiful state theme card. ^_^

  9. Broke my heart to see it on the news, but hearing the stories of those that put there safety aside to protect others just amazed me. You truly are from a Cat's Meow State. I'd have to concur with your grandmother!
    You should definitely be proud of your state and these cards show it!!
    Hugs to you and I'm so happy you and your family are safe.
    Lisa x


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